Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


15. A Mischevious, defensive Norse god just crashed into the barn!


.     .       .One month and several days before Chitauri took Joy.    .  .  

    .    .  . Okay, one week before Joy came to Asgard.  .   .

  We can see from an outside view of a house out in the country, with a barn across from it. This is set on Midgard: Earth. An old, rusty pickup truck is seen parked in the drive way. It’s night-time but the stars are making it virtually able to see through in the dark--or that might be the moons doing--without a flashlight. Two windows to the house display some of the lights are still on. We look up to the sky seeing that a dark rotating cloud has formed above the barn.

  The dark cloud sends lighting strikes that throw numerous materials over the house. Thunder struck the pickup trucks rear view mirror that then bounced the electricity to the phone lines. Attention is returned to the dark cloud that opens up a circle opening. Rain falls from this opening not just thunder and unknown material. Then we see that a figure falls from the circular opening through the barn's roof, down a couple floors, and finally hear a thud. The thud did not come from thunder but from the figure that fell.

 Several horses in there are panicking.

A middle aged, Korean Man (who'll we just call Roger) came out the house holding a lantern.

 "Roger!" We hear someone from inside. "Get a camera."

 "Perry, we do not need to take picture of damages by storm!" Roger shouts back into the house. He hesitates a moment. "Nor is there a chance aliens would ditch someone here by using a tornado!"

 Then, he shuts the door and slowly makes his way to the barn. 

The cloud loses the circle opening and then rain fell.

"Okay fella's."  Roger opens the barn  doors. "What crashed in here this time?"

He drops the lantern as we can see a middle aged Korean Woman make her way to Roger while using a cane to help her walk.

 "Roger, what is it?" The Middle aged Korean woman said. From a closer view; a person can tell her hands are trembling

Roger grabs at his chest.

 "   .    .    . Norse god." Roger fell to his side.

The Middle aged Korean Woman rolls her eyes.

"Not that hallucination again." The Middle aged Korean Woman steps over Roger's legs.

She takes a peak in as the horses are really scared and panicking in their stalls. Lo' and behold; The middle aged Korean woman saw a man in the middle of the floor that looks like something had crashed into it. How could a body be that strong? Not unless he fell from a high altitude during a alien space, battleship explosion that somehow landed him here. She could tell this man was unconscious unlike her husband.

 There is a spear-like weapon across from him.

 ".  .   .I love America's UFO's."  The middle aged Korean woman said.

_________                               __________________                      ____________________--

Loki woke up on a bed; this room feels safe. He couldn't believe how calm this place was. He at least expected to be dead or land in somewhere worse. There is an old clock right above the bed ticking away precious time. Time that Loki could use to think on how he could get back at Thor for ruining his chance to impress Odin. There's other furniture in this room that could pursue a person to think they are in a old woman's house. After all Loki had done; what could he do?

 "You've awaken." Loki looks up to see this Korean women holding on a cane. She is standing at the doorway.  "I've waited years to meet an alien."

 She had on a black veil and a handkerchief in her left hand.

  "I am not an alien." Loki scoffles. "I am Loki Laufeyson of Jotunheim," He gets up from the bed hearing it creak. He feels pain coming from his sides. "Son of Odin,and you have the nerve to call me an Alien? A comment like that would be impressive to me  .  .  . If I knew what that meant. What is an alien? Is it someone like you?"

 The Korean woman walks over to Loki.

 "No." She said. "But I've waited years to see what all the fuss was about."

"What fuss?" Loki asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

"The Americans claimed UFO's were common, and so were aliens." The Korean woman admits, taking  an small device out.This device has a bulky square shape that has a flat screen on it's backside. She taps on the small device a few times. "And frankly, I understand their fascination with you."

He raises an eyebrow at this middle aged Korean woman.

"Are you not insulted by what I have just called you?" Loki is unsure about this individual.

"I have heard far worse." The Korean woman takes a snap of Loki. Actually she takes a couple pictures of Loki then uploads them to a private album online. The Middle aged Korean woman grins as she watches the notification bar reads 'Upload complete'.

Loki's eyebrow subsides.

 "What realm is this?"


"Yes!"  Loki repeats, feeling a bit frustrated with her stupidity.  "What realm is this?"

The middle aged Korean woman laughs (and she finds it very halirous enough her laughter is hysterical) at Loki's quite simple question. Loki could not figure why she found his question funny. If there's a list of things he didn't understand about mortals; it is the part where they laugh at something that is serious.

"Your species call planets as  'Realms'?" The Korean woman asks, getting a stern nod from Loki. She  She wipes off tears from her eyes. "Silly black sheep; you are on Planet Earth." She laughs a little saying the phrase, while shaking her head.  "Do you need some E.T. Phone Homing?"

Loki heads to the door but then this unexpected, sharp pain came from his waist.

"Ow!"  Loki leans against the wall, unfamiliar to pain like this. "What kind of trickery is this?"

 The Middle aged Korean woman ushers Loki to the bed.

"This isn't trickery." The middle aged Korean woman said. "You just had a big fall. Ah, you've slept longer than my two young sons did. Just a little more rest in bed; I have some breakfast recipe that I've been perfecting."

 "Breakfast?  .  ."

 "Aliens do have breakfast,lunch, dinner, and desert; do they not?"

 "We do have celebrations." Loki admits.

The middle aged Korean woman flashes a quick smile then darts out the room like a fast bolt.

 "I'm on Midgard.  .  ." He touches his bruised waist then pulls up his shirt and saw that his bruises were healing but only needed a day to be healed without help from the infirmary.  He lays back down then took the time to notice a strange pattern in the ceiling. It reminds Loki of the Bifrost. it reminded him of other things than that with it's strange doodles.

 Loki uses his magic to restore the ceiling to its rightful design.

 "A-a-a-asgard?" It is stunning to see a picture of Asgard. Loki looks over to see an X-ray picture that has a strong resemblance to Asgard. Loki looks at the small handwriting indicating it was taken several years ago; probably twenty-three years ago. The signature is almost too illegible to read. This definitely made Loki stutter to see how a determined midgardian could get a picture of Asgard.

 Loki knocks over a china cup.

"I heard that!" The Korean middle aged woman said. "You will pay for that."

"Can't." Loki shouts. "I'm the rightful king of Asgard, and I am a god, old mortal!"

 The middle aged Korean Woman comes into the room smoking a cigar with a tray of food.

 "What?" The Middle aged Korean woman asks. "It's been approved for my hand shaking disease. And Black sheep, you will pay for that. It cost me fifty-four dollars to purchase that at a yard sale!"

The Middle aged Korean woman puts the tray on Loki's lap.

 "When you are better; you get a job, and start getting that debt off your plate as a alien from outer space."

 "Please. I come from Asgard, you can't be serious."

 "Is Asgard in Germany, Russia, or Ireland?"

"I don't understand what gibberish you are speaking."

   "I speak English perfectly, black sheep." The Korean middle aged woman said. "Now, you better start eating. I can roll in a wheel chair for help to the bathroom." Loki tilts his head at the bacon, eggs, and bread. He hadn't been fed this kind of food for much of his life. "Shut the door behind you and don't lock it when you use it."

   Loki looks up to her.

 "How do you eat this food?"Loki asks, without an answer. "Do not tell me this is a set up by those who hate me, and want to see me fail by not passing a test!"

 "Use your fork, black sheep."

  The middle aged Korean woman goes to the doorway.

 "Why are you calling me a black sheep?" Loki asks, not familiar to the nickname.

  She stops short one step away from the door.

 "Because you remind me of a black sheep from Harry Potter." The middle aged Korean woman said, as the doorbell rings. "Also; you might find playboy magazines under the bed," Loki looks over the side of the bed a bit confused but intrigued by the mention 'Playboy magazines'. "This used to be Edward's side of the room."

The Middle aged Korean Woman left the room.

  Later on,the middle aged Korean Woman had revealed to Loki her real name is not easy to say, also that the American version of it isn't her go-to choice to be recognized as She insisted that he calls her Perry. Mortals confused Loki in some ways, and he did not like getting confused. The Middle aged Korean Woman is one of those examples.

    .  .  . April 28th.  .  . 2011.  .  .

   .    .    . 7:45 PM.   .  .

   Loki met her oldest son, Edward Smith, one week later. Edward knew what his mother was up to; using telescopes, using radio as she attempted to speak with aliens in outer space, going to several places around the globe with her husband that were rumored to be UFO hotspots. He did not expect that one day she would find an alien. Edward is visiting with his wife Sarah Hotchens Smith for Monday and Tuesday. The Middle aged Korean Woman insisted she do some of the work around the farm; but Loki had to get himself a job so he could pay for the china dish. Indeed, that's that Loki did--but not through honest means--under some very dubious connections.

   "Edward.  .  ."


"I just wanted to say it." Loki said. "It sounds less odd than your mother's last name."

   Edward laughs, taking a sip of wine.

 "Where are you from?" Edward asks, after he swallows  a sip of wine.

 "Asgard." Loki said.

 "Is that in Ireland?" Edward jokingly asks.

 "No." Loki said. He decided to mess with Edward's mind; not using his power, but with his words. "I come from Pluto."

 "Pluto is not a planet!" Edward said. "It's a dwarf planet."

 "It is a realm."  Loki argues; he is not wearing his Asgardian attire but Midgardian clothing. 

 "It is not a state." Edward adds.

 "But not a realm?" Loki raises an eyebrow at the man.

 "A realm is a realm, and a chicken is a chicken." Edward rants. "A planet is a planet; a dwarf planet is not a planet."

  "But a ceiling has a picture of a realm that's not Midgard." Loki said, far more confusing the man. Loki enjoys seeing Edward trying to piece together what he's saying. He has this sly grin on his face. "I restored that picture you drew on the ceiling. I'm wondering how you got your hands on a picture of Asgard. Does a mortal care to explain for that? A mortal who claims to major in logic does not make sense with Pluto; did you actually cheat your way through it?"

   Edward's eyes are full of mixed feelings.

  "I am not surprised if you did cheat getting the title; god of logic."

 Edward puts the cup on  the table then punches Loki--but he only goes through him. He trips over his own foot then  lands on his side in front of the bookshelf. A book lands on Edwards head.

 "Professional titles are not god-like titles that you can throw around!" Edward gets back up,and he puts the book back where it belongs.  "What did you just do?"

 "Magic." Loki said it as though it is something casual.

"You cannot do magic; this is not logical."   Edward continues. "It is absurd a man can stand there and be transparent! Unless, you are a ghost.  .  . " Loki shook his head, amused by the man's radical thinking, "How can yo-y-y-you be standing there--"

  Loki smiles as his double fades away; followed by the real Loki and Sarah coming into the room sharing a chit-chat.

 "I never knew he hated Strawberry cake!" Sarah said, with a laugh. She took Loki's word for the truth.

 "H-h-h-ow. .  ."  Edward is gawking at Loki.

  It suddenly occurred to him that Loki is a Norse god; by his expert research in Norse mythology.

 "Eddy, I was not aware you had a long lost brother." Sarah said.

"He's not my long-lost brother!" Edward claims, his face is getting red.

Loki enjoys messing with Edward as he thought; Eddy is just like Perry.

"From Asgard." Loki asks, picking up Edward's drink unsuspectingly. He creates a sleeping pill that drops into the wine without being heard by the couple. "It did not come to me that you would be in denial." He watches Edward's head turn red. The pill disintegrated into the drink. "Eddy, is this yours?"

 Loki held the drink.

"Don't tell me you tainted it!" Edward takes his glass back.

"What in the world is going on with you, dear?" Sarah asks. "You never act this way."

"Sarah, remember the book of Norse gods that dad gave us for our wedding?" Edward reminds her. "It's still in my old room."

Sarah nods, going along with it.

"Well," Edward take a  sip from his drink. "He is the other mischief god."

Sarah laughs, of course in denial about her husband’s assumption.

"Other mischief god?" Loki asks. How could Odin not tell him about this?  "There is only one mischief god."

"There's two." Sarah said,getting an awkward stare from Loki. "One is the trickery, and the second is the prankster. To be honest I picture the prankster to be a  girl. Who wants to be pranked by a god who can control anything--not by trickery, just a little fact, and she cannot control people--and see through a birds eye-view as she makes her great pranks."

"Does this 'god' have a name?" Loki asks.

"It's Joy." Edward said.

 "Joy of what?" Loki is more curious about Joy.

 Sarah makes a weak laugh, in part trying to make herself believe that Edward is not saying this.

"Joy, god of Pranks, of Asgard." She then asks her husband. "Eddy.  .  . Why haven't you shown him the Norse mythology book your  dad had given us for our wedding gift?"

Edward drinks from his glass.

 "He never asked," Edward said, earning a shot from Loki. He gulps down his sip. "She's got a special page in Norse Mythology; the god who went missing.  Well, technically she did with the whole clone ordeal and all." He could tell by Loki's reaction that he hasn't met her yet. "It does surprise me a little.  .  . That they didn't have any romance."

  Loki slightly tilts his head at this unusual fact.


"They had a  great friendship."


"I would envy that kind of friendship; hell, even inmates in jail would sell their hearts for that kind!"

"You are not making sense."  Loki points out the obvious. "Why are you surprised we don't--they have  'romance' as you call it."

"Because you are Loki." Edward said.  "And you would make the perfect opposite couple."

"Honey,you've drunken too much."  Sarah tells him.

"Sarah, he..  .  . Is Loki." Edward repeats. "His name is not John Goodheart Newman."

"No, it's Jacob." Loki lies.

Edward takes another sip from his drink.

 "Didn't you say it was Tyler?" Sarah asks.

 "Tom J. T.  Goodheart." Loki said. He does a really good fake Korean accent that sounds natural. Loki expects Edward to fall back on the couch at any moment."Americanization didn't work so well with my first name."

Sarah punches her husbands shoulder.

"Eddy," Sarah said. "Apologize to Tom right this instant!"

"No." Edward refuses.His view is becoming darker.  "Come on, Sarah," Edwared's balance is becoming not-so-good. "He's got the eyes of a mischievous trouble.  .  ." And then Edward collapses on the floor.

   .    .   .April 28th.  .   . 2011.

  .   .    . 8:48 PM. .  .

Loki could feel as though something is happening. Well not in this realm but in a different version of this realm.A dark cloud had a circle opening. This time it took in a big fat cow and out of the portal came a horse. A wheel fell from the portal then a school flat pole fell down into the field. It confuses Loki to see this. Normally a Bifrost portal wouldn't be so wild like this.It is strange but Loki could sense there was some one coming to Asgard. When could he ever sense that?



He couldn't answer that question as the sense left.

"Do you like getting new horses?" Loki asks.

The Middle Aged Korean woman drops what she was doing.

 "What horse,Loki?" The Middle aged Woman went by Loki like a fast breeze. "Oh, a white horse! I've always wished to get one of those!"

 Assumingly Edward is still knocked out; Loki could mess with Sarah as much as he wants.He makes another copy of himself go to living room where Sarah is watching a movie involving gigantic robots--no wait, that could be "I, Robot" or "Transmorphers". Sarah pops more popcorn into her mouth; hearing the character's screams with tranquility as though she was a serial killer waiting for her victims screams for mercy.Loki picks up the remote, as his double sat down on a chair pretending to read.

 "Sarraaaaah." Loki said, leaning on the couch.

Sarah threw the remote at Loki and held her shoe in defense.

"Eddy!" She chastises him. "I told you not to do zat again."

"I hear a little Russian in there." Loki teases her; he knew about Russians thanks to the news channel and The Middle aged Korean woman's rants about them being corrupted more than any nation in the globe.Russia is and suppose-ably more corrupted in North Korea, Chicago, China, Japan, Germany, and etc., combined. 

Her face streams in a perfect red.

 "Eddy,I've never seen this movie since.  .  ." She looks back to the TV set. but then Sarah saw Eddy was sitting down reading a book right across from the television set. She slowly turns her head away from the sight.  ".  .  .Ed   .    . This is not funny."

Sarah trips over a golden retriever (Whose name is Rexy), falling straight on her back.

Rexy gets up and barks at Loki.

"Kneel down to me." Loki orders Rexy.

The other Loki (Aka Edward) gets up from the chair then goes down the hallway.Rexy did exactly what Loki asked him to do.

 "At least someone bows to their king like a loyal servant." Loki remarks. "And this is not something funny, Sarah.  I believe you should watch something more  .   .   .Thrilling than gigantic robots ripping--" Loki gasps at one scene. "Did he just rip his head off?" Loki is disgusted by this scene. Sarah is unable to say a word.  "Watch something better than that."

Loki picks up the remote then flips through the channels to find something good to watch for Sarah.

 "Supernatural, sounds good." Loki said; setting the channel on TNT.

   Sarah's eyes are glued to the television screen as her attention is practically off the two Edward's.

  Our scene transitions to Loki; who is looking around Edwards room, searching. It's been twenty-eight minutes since the white Horse landed in the field.Loki heard some one coming so he took on the disguise of Sarah Hotchens Smith. He wanted to read what norse mythology had about him and other Asgardians. It was not because he got scared; Loki got curious in the book.

  "Sarah." Edward leans against the door. "Didn't I tell .  .  .  " Edward yawn.s. "You about Ragnorak?"

  Loki turns away from the bed.

 "No." Loki said; mimicking Sarah's voice perfectly.

So Edward went on to tell Loki (He thought Loki was his wife at the time) about Ragnorak.

 "That's entirely Loki's fault." Loki became alarmed for something that hadn't happened; yet. "For causing the twilight of the gods." Edward babbles. "He was so ambitious; though the sad thing is.  .  . "

  Edward yawns.

 "The Prankster god returns during this time .  .  . " Edward rubs his hands together, smoothly like a carptenter using a towel to clean off flat wood. "Not because she wants to."

  "But?" Loki said, raising a brow at him.

 Edward yawns, looking up from the floor to Loki.

"Because .  .  ." Edward yawns. "She is  forced to return against her will." Edward said, as though it is matter of fact.

Edwardyawns like a tired man who got sedated without his knowledge.

" .  .  . Though some pages go on around her return like a movie plot theory board." He said. "It's like the pot hasn't became finished; there are  .  .  " He yawns, again. "  .  . numerous situations she may return for; not just .  .  .  ." He looks at a photograph of his brother with a slight smile. "For the end of the world. .  .  ."Edward yawns."I'm tired and I am retelling you one of the pages I strongly believe in---"

 The fuel and rage sarrounding Loki's confusion about Joy is getting really hot.

"I need to know where the book is!" Loki demands.

 "Sorry," Edward apologizes. "I forgot where it's been hidden."

"Why under the body of a dead dark elf do you hide a Norse god mythology book!"

 "Because .  .  .  people were nosing around our house in January, hun."

  ".  .    . Remind me why."

Loki mentally notes to himself that he would rather slam Edward into a cardboard machine for his stupidity.

 "I got into some dirty business with the CIA,FBI, and COJ."

It puzzles Loki  what those initials meant; as he raises an eyebrow at Edward.

 "I did lots, and lots of high profiled scandals .  .  .instead of ending them like a lawyer should!"


"Central Intelligence Agency," Edward lists the initials full names. "Federal Bureau of Investigation and  Court Of Justice."

____________                          _____________________                   ______________

  .  .   .  April 29th 2011.  .    

    .   .    . .7:45 AM.   .    .

   Sarah awoke that morning to find Tom (aka Loki)  sleeping on the couch. Her mind is racing with the images of two adopted brothers fighting demons, ending up in bloodshed, and a quite unusual ending. It did seem odd to her at one point. The other thing she remembers is seeing her husband Edward in the living room and then in his old room; at the same time. After that is complete, utter darkness that wasn't so scary when she started dreaming. Anyway; the television had been on CNN for quite some time.


 "I wonder  .  .  .  ." Sarah said, in a soft and whispery like voice.  "How Edward's mom gets through the year without getting a high bill for leaving the TV on."


 "Why is there a horse in here?.  .  ." Sarah said; seeing Edward's mother is riding it.

 And that was actually another clue  .    .    . that this family really is stranger than any she met.

 "Her name is John."  The Middle aged Korean Woman said, holding a bottle of vodka.The heavy aroma of alcholo is present in her slurred speech. She puts her face against the side of John's neck slightly burying her eyes into John's mane.  "And she'll prefer you respect her wishes." She takes in the smell of John looking quite pleased of herself. "Oooh she smells so good."

  Sarah rushes to her husband's room.

"Edward!" Sarah calls out. "Your mother is drunk, again!"

Edward fell out the bed.

 "Mooom, I don't have school." Edward complains.

 "Eddy, you are not a child, you are a man now get up and--" Sarah notices her husband is wearing batman boxers. ".  .  . You like batman?"

"Yes, because I am batman."

 Sarah shuts the door behind her.

".   .    . There are some times where I love you being on hangover." We hear from behind the door.

     .    .   .  Living room.   .  .

    .     .    . 8:35 AM  .    .    .

Loki looks towards the door that seemingly has lost a good deal of wall material from the sides. He saw there is dirt all over the place. It made him wonder how getting drunk could affect mortal decisions and making them do crazy things. Most of the time when he heard about Midgard's crazy wars; Loki mostly assumed they were fighting over land, leadership,or something outrageusly stupid.

 "Perry,  It isn't safe riding a horse inside the house." Loki said, petting John's forehead.

 "Yush it is."

 Loki stops petting John's forehead, sharing a quizical look at the middle aged woman. This is when he decided to mess with her like he did with Edward last night.

 "In what regulations?"

 "In B-4 Section 2 of the Lore addition: If thuuree is an anne-mal theeen it has two bee bought in two ride."

"What Lore addition?"

 "Don't trust your brother who looks exactly like you."

"Perry, I know you may not like this; but you have to ride that horse outside." Loki said, pointing to the door. "You are not acting like yourself.Do you know that if you stay inside the house with a horse then you may get decapitated when trying to go down into the basement?" There is no basement around the house, at all. "Or trying to get into the bathroom? You shoud have some reason in that foggy, old mortal head."

"Regurdless thaaat I'm drunnkk; it cleerly stay eights annie mails can bee bought in."

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