Being ashton's little sister

"Michael we can't date Ashton won't approve plus I am Niall's girlfriend"

"I love you and don't care"

Katie Irwin lived a normal life being the girlfriend to Niall Horan and having the best brother ever. But what happens when her brothers band mate falls for her?


1. 2 years ago

Katie's POV

I walked into the studio where Ashton was.

"Glad you are here meet my band mates" Ashton said.

Then there boys walked out. Then that moment my life changed forever.

********** two years later ******** 11:00

"Niall have you seen my jacket?" I yelled in our apartment.

"Yes it is Is in the closet"

"K thanks".

Today was the day I would finally see Ashton from his tour.

When we got to the boys house I walked in and saw Michael.

Michael POV

I am so glad to see Katie again. I have loved her ever since I saw her the day I saw her. I love her even thou she is dating Niall. Man he is so lucky

Then I saw the door open. It was Katie.

"Michael!" She cam running towards me.

"Katie! I have missed you so much!" I said.

"How have you been?"

"Good,you?" I asked

"Great I am working as a part time nurse and living at home with Niall." She said

I was going to tell her that I love her. I don't care what anyone else says.

"Hey Katie I need to talk to you," I said


Then Niall came in.

"Michael!" Niall said

"Niiiial!" I said.

Shit I can't tell her now with Niall here.

He put his arm around her waist. Then kiss her cheek.

"So what did you want to tell me?" Katie asked

"Nothing I just lost it"

She had a puzzled face the said

"Oh ok"


Astound 3:00 Niall and Katie left. I walked and sat down in the nearest chair and put my hands to my face and huffed.

"What's wrong mate?" Calum asked.

"Nothing....just iaminlovewithkatie" I said fast

"What?" Calum said


Ashton POV

I walked into the bathroom near were Calum am Michael sat. I closed the door then heard

"I am in love with Katie!"

It sounded like Michael

I opened the door and ran to Michael grabbed his shirt and liked him in the eye.


His eyes were open wide

" I am in love with your sister"



Hey! I'm back but with a new story! Sorry if there is any miss spelling! Like and faviorte!

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