First Love


1. Together Again

So, I am currently a student at the Sybak university in Tethe' Alla and am totally exited to embark on the journey I plan on taking to the Ginnugagap for a research project. I know that the whole reason I am researching the Ginnugagap in the first place is because I would like to get close to this hot guy in My class named Richter Abend, who My best guy friend Aster Laker has mentioned a few times and has introduced me to once a few years ago. I am curious to find out if Richter still remembers me from three years ago. But, I have my doubts because, again, this was three years ago that Aster introduced me to him. So, I enter my class and, YES! Aster AND Richter are in my class:) So,  I see Aster and Richter sitting next to each other and walk over to join Aster and possibly say hello to Richter. When I get over there, Aster greets me with a big smile and says "Mags!, Long time no see!:)" and Richter greets you with a sly smile and says "Mags, is that you?" I reply to Aster with a "I know! It feels like it's been forever!" And Richter with a "Yes, it's me, did you miss me?:P" Richter replys with a "It depends, did YOU miss ME?" And I reply to Richter with a "YES!" Richter walks over to me and says "You don't curse that fact?" I  am suprised by his saying this and says "Of course not!" And I  wink at him, but fast so he doesn't notice... Then, I  am a little embarrased when he did notice and gives me a confused look and walks back to his seat. Then, Aster walks over to me and gives me a hug then says "I know right!, hey, would you like to sit with us?" I  reply and say "Sure!" and I take my seat. :)

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