First Love


12. Third Inn

I am on my bed just thinking about how close we are to the end of our journey, I mean, We are in Altessa Already! 10 miles to the Ginnugagap! I know, that must sound like the world's longest walk, and it is,a really long walk, but, time flies when you're having fun, right?......I decide to just get lost in a book. So, I am reading the manga I brought on the trip with me. I am so close to the end of the book when Richter comes in and says "Hey, Baby" I reply "Hey" I can tell Richter is trying to resist the urge to kiss me, so I decide to kiss him. He is totally taken aback by this. But he kisses me back anyway. We are like this for about 10 minutes when Aster comes in and asks us "So, when are you to gonna get married already?" Richter replies "A week from now" I say "Really?" and smile. Richter smiles back at me as Aster says "Okay, congratulations, you to!" Richter and I say in unison "Thanks!" Richter then goes back to kissing me, I kiss him back again. Richter stops kissing me and says "It's getting late, don't you think?" I reply "Yeah" Richter lays me in bed and kisses me one last time before he gets in bed with me and I fall asleep in his arms.  


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