First Love


3. Study Buddies

So, my  nose is in the textbook when Richter taps on my shoulder and says "I'm gonna need that" in a joking way. I reply with a "They're on sale at the bookstore if you need one:P" Richter replies with a "No thanks, but i could use a study partner" and winks at me.I blush a little and say "Is that your way of politely asking me to study with you?" Richter blushes a little and says " that okay with you?" I know this is not like Richter to blush and be tongue- tied so I say "Haha, I'd be honored to study with you" and  I wink at him to make him feel more comfortable. Richter has a relieved look on his face and says "Thank you". But, I am a little sad when he turns around and tells Aster "Okay, I did as you asked, I asked her out..." I can feel my face fall and I  smack Richter upside the head, as well as saying "I heard that" Richter's face falls and he says "I'm sorry." I completely ignore him and get out the new manga I've been reading. While reading, I overhear Aster and Richter talking about me, I  raise my head a little in order to listen to Aster say "Dude, that was your chance, you could of had her..." Richter replies with a "I know, I think I lost her when she found out the study date was all your idea...I just wish she could forgive me..." I  hear this and know now that he really is sorry and was really looking forward to studying with me. I take his hand and say "It's okay, we can study together." But I really regret saying "But this is not a date." Richter gives me a sly smile and says "Okay, Friday?" I smile and say "Of course" ;)

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