First Love


10. Second Inn

Once we get to the second inn, We talk to the lady and we all get seperate rooms again. I am lying on my belly on the bed while reading the manga I brought on the trip when I hear a knock on the door. I open the door to find Richter. Who is hiding something behind his back, I give him a confused look as he takes his hands out from behind his back, I see a black box, he opens it and says "Mags, will you marry me?" I blush and say "Of course!" He gets up and says "Great" Then, he comes up from behind me, pulls my hair away from my face, and kisses me down my neck. I turn around to face him and I kiss him so long and hard, He pins me down to the bed and kisses me, hard, while playing with my hair as I play with his hair, he pulls me up into a sitting position and wraps his legs around my waist, we are kissing like this for 10 minutes until we are back down into a laying position as he fixes his legs so that his krotch is against mine. He pulls my hair away from my face again and kisses me down my neck, again. Now, we are back up in a sitting position kissing so long, and hard, I am playing with his red, silky hair as me fiddles with my hair...We are making out like this for about an hour until Aster comes in and asks Richter "Did you do it?" He says "Yes, and holds my hand up so that Aster can see my ring. I can tell Aster is happy for us.So I smile at him, In Richter's arms, Mmmm, He is so warm. He pulls my hair away from my face again and kisses me down my neck, again, Dang, he is a big fan of PDA. But I don't mind. Aster smiles and says "Aww,You guys look so...Great...Together, It almost makes me want to cry tears of joy" I smile and say "Aww" And pull out of Richter's grasp to give Aster a hug and say "Thanks" then I walk over to find Richter sitting in a rocking chair, his arms open as I sit on his lap.Aster leaves and Richter rocks me until we go to sleep.

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