First Love


6. Pumped

Richter, Aster, and I are planning on taking a trip to the Ginnugagap for our research project, in 2 DAYS. I can't wait! I'm pretty sure that Richter and Aster are exited too. They are making this so obvious because when I enter the classroom, I look over to find Aster and Richter bouncing in their seats. I take my seat next to Richter, he greets me by rubbing his foot against mine. I can't help myself, I giggle a little. I can tell Aster is a little jealous, so i look over and smile at him. He smiles back. Richter kisses me on the cheek,.... Since when is Richter a romantic? Oh, since I kissed him the first time, now he just can't get enough of me...:) I give Richter a note saying "Meet me in the lounge after class?" He writes back saying "Okay;)" So, after class he meets me in the lounge, He sits on the couch, and Invites me to sit next to him, so I sit next to him and cuddle up to him. We are cuddled up together watching TV until math class.It is now the evening before our journey, I go to my dorm room and pack for the journey to the Ginnugagap. I am still torn on which pajama pants to bring, Hmm, the yellow ones with the puppies on them?, Or the Blue zebra striped ones?, I decide on the blue zebra striped ones.Once I'm done packing, I go to meet Richter and Aster at the Union Building to eat dinner. They are both packed also, then we all go to sleep.

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