First Love


13. Journey, Part 4

I decided to give Richter another piggy-back ride today. Richter jumps on my back and kisses my neck. I blush a little and smile before he jumps off my back and signals for me to jump on his back. I jump on his back and he gives me a piggy-back ride. I kiss his neck, I can see his cheeks flush. Then, Aster says "Get a room guys" Richter says "Sorry Aster, I forgot you have to witness all this" Aster says "I forgive you, Richter" I see a clothes shop on the side of the road I jump off Richter's back and head towards the clothes shop, pick out a wedding dress,(It is a long, white dress with lace on the back and pearls on the end of the sleeves) I send it to my room. ( I am a half-elf so I can teleport the dress to anywhere I want it to go) Aster asks me "What did you get?"I whisper in Aster's ear "A wedding dress" He whispers in my ear "Okay, may I tell Richter?" I reply "No" He replies "Awwwwwww, Okay" I hop back on Richter's back again. We are all talking about how we are all a little nervous to meet Ratatosk. I explain how I wanna open a can of whoop but on Ratatosk as Aster explains why that may not be a good idea. I agree with him and hop off of Richter's back to go and get some groceries. ( Pancakes, Waffles, Bacon, and a portable oven that can make just about anything) I come back to Aster and Richter carrying my bag of groceries. Richter offers to help me carry my bag of  groceries. But I politely refuse saying that he already has to bear the weight of his Sol And Mani. As we are walking, Aster finds a dead Merrow on the side of the street. I revive it and keep it as a pet just cause.

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