First Love


11. Journey, Part 3

Well, last night was exiting, but now it's back to another day's worth of walking.Oh well, at least I get to do it while in Richter's arms...:) I am enjoying my extra attention from Richter when I decide "Hey, I've been getting all this attention from Richter, while he isn't getting ANY attention from me", so I decide to wiggle out of his grasp, and say "Hop on my back" and wink, he jumps onto my back and I give him a piggy back ride. I can tell he is enjoying this, because he whispers in my ear "I love you, baby" and kisses me down my neck, I just can't get enough of this...:) I stop walking and put him down so that I can turn around and hold him, he jumps into my arms, wrapping his legs around my waist, I say "I love you too, baby" And kiss him, really hard. Aster says "Ahem" I pull away from Richter to look over at Aster and say "Right, sorry" Aster says "Haha, it's okay" as Richter jumps onto my back again. I hear faint voices in the distance, I stop walking to see if I can hear them better. Richter whispers in my ear "Baby, are you okay?" I whisper in his ear "Yeah, but I can hear faint voices in the distance" Aster is way ahead of Richter and I by now, Once he realizes we aren't right behind him, he says "Richter, Mags? Where are you?" Richter laughs and says "Over here, Aster" Aster has a relieved look on his face and says "Oh,thank gosh" Once we catch up to Aster, Richter hops off my back. I take advantage of this and sneak up behind Richter and start rubbing my hands on the front of his body, I can tell he is enjoying this, but If I keep doing this, I might get carried away, so I pull away and keep walking, Richter catches up to me and jumps onto my back, again.The once faint voices are now very loud Aster says "Do you guys hear that?" Richter and I reply "Yeah" We turn around to find a group of two hikers whom we find out their names are Jonathan and Aldrich. Jonathan asks me "Why is that guy riding on your back?" I can tell Aldrich is about to ask the Same question, so I answer "Because he hurt his leg and I can't let him walk" And wink at Richter before Aldrich can ask the same question as Aldrich.Then, I realize that we are within a mile radius from the third inn in Altessa and do yet another silent cheer. richter and Aster both laugh their heads off...


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