First Love


9. Journey, Part 2

We are out of the first inn and back on the trail for another fun filled day of walking. Richter looks over at me and smiles REALLY big for about 2 minutes, Which is kind of creepy, I think he is stuck. I look over at him and give him a sly smile. Then Aster looks over at me and makes a funny face, I laugh my head off. Richter looks over at me and asks "What's so funny?" I whisper in his ear so Aster can't hear me say "The fact that Aster is trying so hard to get my attention." Richter whispers in my ear back "Oh, yeah, Hahaha" Aster walks over to me and asks me "What were you and Richter doing before I came into your room last night?" I tell him "Chatting" Aster replies "Yeah right" I shake my head and whisper in his ear "Ok, you got me, we were making out" Aster replies "Oh...ok" I can tell he is a little sad, so I ask him "What's the matter?" Aster tells me "As happy as I am that you and Richter are going out now...I miss hanging out with him, he spends all his time flirting with you. I always have to do something outragous now to get his attention" I reply "Oh, okay, I'm sorry...Why don't you talk to him?" He replies "Okay, thanks, Mags" He walks over to Richter and says "Hi" and sounds a little sad while saying this. Richter replies "Aster, what's wrong?" Aster replies "I just miss my old buddy... I feel like you like mags more than you like me." Richter replies "Oh, I'm sorry, That's not true...I love alot, But you'll always be my #1 bro, K?" Aster replies "Okay, thanks, man, hey, are LOVE with Mags now?" Richter whispers in Aster's ear so that I can't hear him say "Yes, in fact, I have a surprise for her. Don't tell her" Aster whispers in Richter's ear "You got it, dude" and winks at Richter.When they stop talking they head to the accessories shop. For what?Once they are out of the accessories shop, I give them both a confused look and Do another silent cheer when I realize we are 2 miles from the next inn, In Meltokio.They both give me a confused look and start laughing their heads off.

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