First Love


7. Journey, Part 1

It's the morning of our journey to The Ginnugagap. Everything is packed and ready to go,We have decided to hike to the Ginnugagap. Ugh, as much as I love hard work, this is just too much, Why couldn't we just take a carriage? Oh, wait, then it wouldn't be a journey, would it? It would just be one, long road trip, and honestly, that wouldn't be as much fun, and it wouldn't feel as good when we get to the Ginnugagap.I am just pondering about this in my head when Aster taps on my shoulder and says "Hello, are you there?" While laughing. I giggle a little and say "Yeah" Aster replies "Good" Hmm, I wonder what Ratatosk is like. Is he a nice guy? Is he evil? Is he a mean guy? I have no idea, I guess I'll just have to find out when we get there.By the time I realize I am just standing here doing nothing Richter comes up behind me and yells "Ah!" I give a little squeal and Richter laughs his head off, When I realize that I just squealed I start to laugh too, Then Aster chimes in. We are still laughing when a huge imp shows up out of the blue. We all stop laughing, get out our weapons and fight. Richter asks me "What are the frying pan and pepper spray for?" I reply "I would whack the enemy with the pan to knock them out for 5 minutes then when they wake up I would spray them in the eye with the pepper spray and kick them in the krotch, Then you can stab them in the back while they're hunched over and Aster can do a victory dance:P" Richter replies "Haha, okay" We follow the plan I came up with and YES! MY PLAN WORKED! Aster does a victory dance as planned, and Richter gives me a high five...:) Then, When I realize we are within a 2-mile radius from the next inn, I do a cheer, Richter and Aster both give me a confused look and laugh their heads off. Then I chime inn and we all laugh our heads off until we get to the next inn.

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