First Love


2. Fun in class

So, I am sitting next to Aster and Richter. Richter looks over at me and then looks away quickly, totally unaware that I noticed this. I look back at Richter and give him a sly smile. He looks back at me and gives me another confused look, I am still smiling at him and I give him a playful punch on the shoulder and he punches me back. I giggle a little and focus in on my current assignment, YES! I know this:) I finish the assignment within a quick 2 minutes and I get out a book to read, this book that I know is one of Richter's favorite books. I hope he notices this. SCORE! He noticed! he looks over at me and gives me a confused look, then gives me a sly smile and looks over at my book to read it with me. :) Aster looks over at me and gives ,me a sly smile and does a silent cheer for me because he knows I like Richter. Thank goodness Richter doesn't notice this and Richter and I are still reading when the teacher calls out "Ok, Times up! Pass in your assignments!"  Richter and I look up and pass in our assignments. Aster also passes in his paper, but I am aware that he wishes for some attention from me, so he makes a funny face hoping I notice. I notice and giggle a little. Aster does a silent cheer and then giggles a little too. Richter looks confused, then Aster makes a funny face at Richter and Richter giggles a little too. Then I stop giggling for a second and get out my book and read. Once again, Richter looks over at my book to read with me.:) Then Richter and I finish the book and I get out the new manga I've been reading. Richter looks at Aster and starts talking about the test coming up on Friday. I am also aware of this test and I get out my textbook and study...

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