First Love


8. First inn

Once we get to the first inn in Triet, we talk to the lady and we all stay in different rooms. Richter surprises me with a visit to my room, he pins me down to the bed and kisses me so long and hard, He fiddles with my hair, I am constantly rubbing my hands against his soft,Red, Silky hair...Which is totally sexy by the way.We are in the same position for about 5 minutes until He pulls me up into a sitting position and he wraps his legs around my waist...Mmmm...I had no idea he was such a good kisser... I wrap my arms around his, he pulls my hair away from my face and kisses me down my neck....Ah....He kisses me harder and we are back down to a laying position, his legs still wrapped around my waist...I am now on top of him, my legs wrapped around his waist, he fiddles with my hair again, It feels like he is balling it up and then lets it go as he kisses me harder and harder...I too fiddle with his hair, stroking his hair again and again until we realize we have been making out for 20 minutes. Then, we hear a knock on the door. We get out of our position and answer the door, It's Aster, Thank Gosh.He jokingly says "Uh, you guys aren't planning on staying in the same room, are you?" I grab a pillow from my bed and chuck it at Aster, then Richter grabs an extra pillow the housekeeper provided, and Throws it at Aster's head, Aster grabs the two pillows we just threw at him and chucks them at our heads Aster grabs another pillow and throws it at our heads, we each have pillows and are whacking each other in the heads and everywhere with pillows while laughing our heads off until we realize that it's been 5 minutes and stop. We each go back to our rooms and go to sleep.

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