First Love


5. Awkward

I am so not looking forward to my first class of the day, History. One of many classes I have with Richter Abend, I sure hope that he still likes me... Well...there's only one way to find out. I  decide to enter the classroom, I am debating on whether or not to sit next to him. Okay, I have decided to sit with Richter and Aster, but sit on Aster's side, so that I don't have to worry about any awkward moments with Richter, ugh, mission impossible, he always finds a way to make eye contact with me...:)So,  I decide to just stick my nose in my textbook, but when I look up, I find Richter looking into my eyes... Ah...He is not making this easy. I just give him a sly smile then look away fast, hoping he doesn't notice. Dang it. He noticed, and he asked Aster to switch seats with him... WHY IS HE MAKING THIS SO HARD D: Ugh, I am so disappointed in myself when I decide to look into his eyes, as he looks into my eyes... No...Not again...This cannot be right in the middle of class...the teacher is watching...He leans in, Here I am, so close to his face...we are about to lock lips... When Aster wedges his arms in between our faces and says "Get a room" and winks at me... Richter giggles a little and tells me "Later?" I cannot believe I am saying this "Sure, why not?" What am I saying!? I am going to scare him away...Again! Then again, he seemed to be the one to iniciate the kiss this time, and he didn't resist last time we kissed, Maybe he likes it? I think he does...:)Ugh, no.....Here I am again...Wrecking my brain once again, In regards to Richter. Man, I must really love Richter... to be... thinking about him... this much... Well, time to face the music, I must go face Richter in my next class, I walk in and sit next to him. He leans over and whispers into my ear "Meet me in the gardens after class" I cannot believe I am saying this again "Sure, why not?" So, after class, I meet Richter in the gardens, where he pulls me to him and kisses me so long and hard I don't even know what happened.

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