Save Me Now

I have always been able to control myself if I was ever bullied,but when the person you love starts bullying you. You break,and you only need on person to to that.


1. Meet Natalie Johnson

Hello,I am Natalie Johnson,I haven't really been bullied so,yeah,but anyways I really like this guy,Louis Tomlinson. He is very cute and handsome.

I am nineteen and I have a job at a bakery,I really like baking. It makes me calm. So I do it a lot,ha. My mum died when I was three so my dad has been real protective over me. He doesn't want to see me get hurt. 

I smiled,my mum was a beautiful women,she would have been my role model. She is a brave women who has never given up. Anyways,this is me,and I am a baker and I always will be!


Hello! I am new here! So be nice please! Thanks! 

Love you al!


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