Four people, Four lives


4. what about bestfriends?


Billy's POV

"Ready liv?" I said as she waved goodbye to her parents. This school Is practically a boarding school so we have to go live there. It sucks.


"Ok" I said while putting the car in reverse.

"So um billy?" She said and sounded a little scared


"W-what will they think of us?" She said sheepishly

" liv everything will be fine. You are so sweet, nice, and beautiful." Wait did I just say that? To my best friend! I can feel my face turning red from embarrassment.

She didn't say anything she just leaned over and kissed my cheek.

Olivia's POV

Wait did he just say I was beautiful? I started tingling why am I feeling this? He's my bestfriend I can't like him I just can't! Then ignoring my conscience I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

There was silence for like 5 minutes until he broke the tension.

"So what road do we take?"

Oh right I'm his "GPS"

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pushed play on the little speaker person thing.

"keep going for about another mile and then turn left on Paris street." I heard the little lady in my phone say. I laughed at my "little lady" comment in my head.

"Why are you laughing?" I heard him say.

Oops I laughed out loud.

"Um just accidentally laughed at a comment i made in my head."

"Oh and what was that comment?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Cause you mentioned it!"

"You made me!" I stuck my tongue out at him. Yup this is how we act when were together! Whenever I stick my tongue out at him It always seems to shut him up. Hehe

A few minutes later we pulled into a huge parking lot I felt like I was at some sort of big concert. Teenagers everywhere I looked and they all looked cheery! Well I hope I like it here!

Kelli's POV

"So this is it?" I said as me and Leo pulled up in a car our parents arranged for us to share.

"Yep! Do you like it?"

"Ya! It's just bigger than I expected!"

He laughed "Well it is an acting school." He said we a duh sound in his voice.


We grabbed our luggage and walked inside. This place is huge and it feels like a palace! There was stone walls and glass flooring-- it kinda scared me you could see people walking above and below you.

We went up to the receptions desk and she told us to sit down while they see what dorm room we are in.

About ten minutes later she came up to us and handed us both a card mine said 1076.

"Um excuse me what level is this on?" That was such a dumb question!

"Number ten"

I could tell Leo was trying to hold into a laugh.

"Oh ok"

Leo's POV

I finally got the laugh down I was trying to hold in and walked with Kelli to the elevator.

"So what's your dorm number?" She asked me.

"924" I said

"Oh. So your gonna be a whole floor below me?"


I hit floor number nine and ten.

We waited until the elevator opened up and I said this is my stop. She gave me a quick hug and said goodbye looking a little nervous.

I went and on my way I saw a really pretty blond with brown eyes. Wow I really want to meet her! Seeing my dorm number snapped me out of my thoughts.

I opened the door and it looked like somebody was already in here. Just then somebody came out if the bathroom and be gave me a curious look.

"Uh hi!" I said awkwardly

"Hey! My name is billy! Looks like we're roommates!

Olivia's POV

I got in the elevator on level nine after leaving billy at his dorm room. When I walked into the elevator I was thinking about that cute boy I saw going down the hallway. But my thoughts got cut off by somebody saying hello to me.

"Oh hi!"

"I'm Kelli, Kelli Berglund

"Hi I'm Olivia, Olivia holt." I said copying the way she said it.

She laughed and then asked me my room number.


"Oh cool mine is 1076! Looks like we're neighbors!"

"Ya looks like it!" I said smiling at her.

I think I'm going to like it here!

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