Four people, Four lives


2. New Starts

Oivia's POV

"Hey!" Said billy as I walked into school today

"Oh hey billy." I said less excitedly

"Liv what's wrong?"

"What do you mean nothing's wrong!" I lied and he looked at me with that come on liv I know your lying look

"Ok fine" I blurted out

"I don't think I'll make it into the acting school! I mean there are 100 of us and they are picking two to go there! I am so worried they are saying who's in today and they haven't talked to me yet!"

"I know how you feel I want to get in too but you know if it's supposed to happen it will happen."

There he goes again comforting me like none other

"Ya your right!" I said perking up a little

The bell rung and we went to class

(Skipping school)

Ok I know I didn't get picked I thought as the bell rang and I got up to leave.

"Olivia Holt" said Mrs.Paxton our principle

"Yes" I said very confused

"Can you come to my office?"

"Uh ya did I do something wrong?"

"No I just want to talk to you about something"


I walked into Mrs. Paxton's office and saw billy there too. Hmm I wonder what's going on.

Ms. Holt and Mr. Unger you have been selected to go to L.As professional acting school!

"Really!" I said standing up while billy looked shocked

Billy's POV

Ms. Holt and Mr. Unger you have been selected to go to L.As professional acting school! Said Mrs. Paxton

I just sat there shocked. They picked me and Olivia wow I guess we really are doing everything together but I'm not su... I got knocked out of my thought because Olivia hugged me

"I can't believe this is happening!" she squealed as I walked her home after we left Mrs. Paxton's office

"I actually can't either!" I said finally accepting the fact that this isn't a dream

"Ok maybe we should tell our parents and get back to each other tomorrow." I said as I dropped her off at her house

"K" she flashed me a smile and walked in and shut the door.

Then I started freaking out I practically jumped all the way home.

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