Four people, Four lives


1. Introduction


So this is just introducing the characters and just to tell you kelli and Leo live in Colorado in the beginning and all of them aren't celebrities...yet!

(End of A/N)

Olivia Holt: 16 years old Billy Unger has been her best friend since she moved to L.A when she was 5 they both have a need for acting.

Billy Unger: 18 years old Olivia holt has been his "best bud" since he was 7 they promised each other that they would do everything together on Olivia's 10 birthday. He kinda wished he didn't pinkie promise

Kelli berglund: 18 years old She has know Leo Howard since she could remember and even though he was younger than her she still loves him like a brother.

Leo Howard: 16 years old has been wanting to get Kelli Berglund ( his bestfriend) to move to L.A with him so they could go to acting school. He thinks he will be able to do it if he can convince her parents.

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