Four people, Four lives


3. Awesome Endings

Kelli's POV

Uug I just can not get my fouetté right!! This is really irritating me! My phone is ringing so I go over to answer it wondering who would call so late at night


Me: "hello?"

Leo: "hey kell!"

Me: "what's up?"

Leo: "Well I was wondering if you still wanted to stay here for a couple more months instead of going to acting school with me?"

Me: "No I told you no I have way too much going on right now maybe if you waited another year then I could get my dancing thing out of the way!"

Leo: "Oh come on you know you want to Become an actress!"

Me: "I do!"

Leo: "then why don't you come with me?"

Me: "because I have to much on my plate! Ok Leo I have to go. Talk to you tomorrow."

Leo: "ok bye." He said not sounding that happy


right when I hung up there was a knock on my door.

"Honey can I come in?" Oh no it's mom she is going to try to get me into going!

"Sure mom!"

She walked in and sat on my bed

"Mom you know you can't get me to go!"

"Yes I can. Sweetie you can do dancing and go to the acting school at the same time!"

"What? How can I do that?"

"The school really wants you and is willing to hire one of the best dancing teachers in L.A!"

"Really mom!"


"Ok! I'll go!"

"Yay honey I'm so glad your doing this it has been your dream since you for little!"

"Your the best mom ever!"

"I know. I know!"

Once she left I called Leo


Leo: "Hey kell what's up?"

Me: "I'm going!"

Leo: "What? Your going!"

Me: "Yep!"

Leo: "I knew you would you could never pass up an offer like this!"

Me: "I'm so exited!"

Leo: "Ok I got to go congrats and goodnight!"

Me: "Ok thanks! Goodnight!"


Leo's POV

"Mom! Kelli is going to the school! I guess someone talked her into it!"

"Yay! So you really want to leave so soon?"

"What do you mean?"

"The school starts in two weeks."

"What? But in two weeks that's summer!"

"Ya if you want to become am actor you have to go during the summer but don't worry only this summer. Oh I'm gonna miss you!" She started crying and I went over to conform her."

"It's ok mom once i become an actor you'll see my face all the time!"

"Ya your right. Goodnight sweetie!"

"Night mom"

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