What the Factions Taught Us

A collection of the lessons we learned from the factions. Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, and Erudite. These are my opinions and you're free to have your own. Comment and I might add them. Also: May contain spoilers. You have been warned.


5. Erudite

Erudite- the intelligent. 

I'm pretty sure everyone's biased about them. Either you think they're all traitors and controlling idiots *cough Jeanine cough* or you think they're one of the best factions. Like me. 

But anyways, one thing they taught us is the importance of intelligence. Without people to take the lead, explore science, do experiments, and take risks, where would we be? The massive knowledge the Erudite had lead to many excellent creations- such as simulation serums- that unfortunately were used in the wrong way. 

Information should be available to everyone. Then everyone can learn, not just the select few who discovered it. Again, just like keeping secrets, withholding data can be dangerous. You can't keep something hidden forever- maybe you shouldn't try. 

More lessons from the Erudite... here comes the bias that Roth gave us (no thanks for that) by making them the 'evil' faction. Knowledge needs to be used for the right purposes, not for evil. Is it an accomplishment if it kills people? No. A scientific advancement needs to help people- that's the purpose of science and learning and study: to keep humans moving forward and to make things easier, better, faster, and safer. 

What else to say? They also taught us (in a reverse way, if that's possible) about family, and how it should be blood before faction. 


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