What the Factions Taught Us

A collection of the lessons we learned from the factions. Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, and Erudite. These are my opinions and you're free to have your own. Comment and I might add them. Also: May contain spoilers. You have been warned.


6. Divergent

Divergent- the different ones. The ones who stand out- the special ones. 


The Divergents- Tris, Tobias, and the rest- taught us how to combine the qualities of the factions. They also taught us how to be brave, even with the danger and secrecy of Divergence hanging over them. 

Abnegation qualities are something the Divergents needed a lot. Selflessness is very important- maybe a main quality of them. 

The main faction that needed adjustments were the Dauntless. Sure, they're brave, but normal Dauntless can be really (no offense) stupid. They risked their lives for- what? A thrill? Excitement? 

Amity is difficult. Some people wouldn't agree, but although peace is good, not everything should be sacrificed for peace. In the books, it actually only makes things worse.  

Honestly, the Candor go a bit overboard. They're called brutally honest for a reason. The truth is powerful, and I wish everyone told it, but sometimes, if more people will be hurt than helped, then maybe you should keep it a secret or lie about it. Lying is bad, but if it's to protect someone then it's noble. 

Erudite... ah, this should be interesting. Obviously all that knowledge and power started to overpower their leader's humanity- that's one lesson we can learn from her. Hold on to your feelings, your emotions- they're your link to reality. But they also taught us about loyalty- faction before blood, indeed. 

Basically what I think is that we should be brave, but not to the point of stupidity, peaceful, but not past the point of war, selfless, honest, unless a lie is less harmful, and smart, but hold on to our lives, love, and family. 


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