The Peculiar Paths We Take.

A girl is spellbound as she attempts to continue her life, however a strange friend changes it all. Throwing her into a new world and surroundings. Its this for the better or worse?


2. Doors that open

Nightlife in this city was no different to Earths. Inhabitants looking for night partners, drinking too much, spending too much and doing things they will regret instantly for the rest of their existences. That is if these creature have a guilty conscience or to that matter, a conscience at all. I must have seemed like an easy target. Huddles of them crowding me: there smells intoxicating the air around me. I turned them down of course. Even my standards were higher than that; I didn't need a 'night partner'! The problem with this new city was not the beings or the buildings or the streets but me. I had no way of fitting in to the crowd. Firstly my entire, I was dressed in a navy shirt, black jeans and a loosely hanging Cardigan. The 'others' had exquisite dresses and outfits made of material which danced around there bodies and waved down to the floor, making them seem even more god like. Secondly, I was not like them. They had features, supernatural and beautiful, that could captivate any lucky human. I was not captivated in their traps as I was already caught in his but they were so delicate like Porcelain dolls. Woman and men represented the animals they cared for. Ones which looked after foxes had ears and tails like the animals themselves yet still had 'humanly' features. I was a human, quite bland and boring compared. My last problem was him in fact. He was so selfish and controlling that he left his mark; as he called it. A gold collar like object which hung tightly round my neck told all around I was a human, his and not to be touched. So it was quite normal that I wasn't left alone. Now, though I was in full show. I don't think he expected me to go against his will but I am one which always stood out from his followers.

The air seemed thinker here and smog stained the streets, stalking, lurking round it’s pray, ready to pounce. I had passed the nightlife, the hustle and bustle, a faint sound in the distance. Lights were scarce and I found myself speeding up in between each lamp as if I was scared. Frightened of what lurked behind me. I wasn't but the thought had changed my mind, coxing be on not to look. Suddenly the path I was trudging along opened up. No buildings at the sides of me, closing me in. The only thing ahead, isolated by its self was the palace. The palace still overwhelmed me, stunning my senses. Throwing me into a state of panic that I might break it. It was a tower-like structure with thousands of windows looking out at you. Darkness dwelling inside of them. A large boundary gate ran round hit with a door that could fit three or so substantial sized elephants, but it was still subtle and shatter able. I shuffled up to it taking the occasional stride and took a deep breath. I was tired I did not want a fuss so I crept up to the door and knocked quietly. It opened. It always did, I came to release that in this city doors always opened when you knocked even if they led nowhere. Bright lights sawn from behind the gate and more lamps were lined in a row leading up to the next door more inconsequential than the other. Again I slouched along to meet him (as it was obvious he would be waiting). Once more I knocked and once more the door opened.

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