The Peculiar Paths We Take.

A girl is spellbound as she attempts to continue her life, however a strange friend changes it all. Throwing her into a new world and surroundings. Its this for the better or worse?


1. Wonder

I wandered, through dark openings and winding walkways, thinking about what consequences brought me here. Because of that strange, wonderful, captivating thing I had picked up. So unreal it took my breath away. It, at that time was much smaller; a fragile object which had an eerie air to him. He seemed like a puzzle, his perplexing nature confusing many. If you said one thing he would recoil and hiss like a stray alley cat and if you said another he would depend on you completely. I loved the child. He was like my own. The only thing which distinguished him from normal children were his 'abilities'. He was special. When he was little he was permanently viewed with wings and horns, small pointed things, sticking out of his body and dark patterns decorating his back, as if displaying him. Now though he can hide them. His 'abilities' do not restrain him, he is almost magical. Conjuring up anything from thin air, a strong and appealing party trick is what I tell others. The truth must stay hidden is what he would tell me, as if he was the one who was older and completely normal to the rest of the race on this planet, the truth is what keeps us together. I do not object to these views however it must seem painful for him, to live a life of secrecy. So I continue, walking down the narrow streets which now welcome me to my new life and wonder.

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