A story of a boy who can do some pretty awesome stuff. Only he's not a hero. Or a villain. He's a teenager who just want's to be left alone. No villain, no girl. Just life.


1. Entry one

19 July 2013


Look, lets just get one thing straight before I begin scribbling in this stupid thing. I am not a hero. No matter what you read, I have never saved a life while putting my own at risk, and, I don’t intend to. Not my problemo if you’re getting attacked by a bad guy. D.I.Y. A good phrase, that anybody, and everybody should know. Anyway. Just because I don’t wear a cape that makes me look impossibly stupid, and I don’t fly around saving every idiot who gets into a fight doesn’t mean that I’m not dangerous. Doesn’t mean that I can’t do some pretty cool stuff. Really cool stuff. Stuff that gets me and my family into trouble if it ever gets mentioned. My power is scary. If I’m anything I’m the villain, or the apathetic guy who doesn’t get involved in anything stupid, like fighting bad guys or falling in love. I don’t do love. I don’t do bad guys. I do teenager that would kill you for even suggesting that he might be able to do something dangerous. Something different.


On the topic of love, and since I guess that this is a ‘diary’ I should probably warn any potential listeners that there is no girl. No girl would even glance my way twice. I’m quite pale, with brown eyes, that have only ever been described as intense, and brown hair that’s so dark that it looks black. It doesn’t suit me, it just makes me look like a vampire, but one of the unattractive kind. (B.T.W. Don’t freak. There are no real vampires. I checked.)


If I’m keeping a diary, or a journal, as the more ‘macho’ call it, then somebody is going to try to read it. If this future reader isn’t put off by the ‘ominous’ first paragraph, then I’d probably better make this first entry as boring as possible. I mean, I’m not the kid who gets picked on in the playground, but nor am I the kid who does the picking on. If attention does turn my way then I don’t want anyone reading this. I don’t want to have to hurt anyone, but if anyone find out about what I can do. They die. I kill them, and I kill anyone who comes after them. To the person reading this, this is not a false warning. I’m not one of the good guys. I’m just a guy.


Not even mum is going to know about this diary. Only an idiot tells their mother everything that they do, and especially not one in my situation. Also, she’ll want to read it to find out why the hell I chose today to start writing a diary. I can’t let her ever read it, I can never let her find out the truth. This is why this is strictly personal, just a way of recording my thoughts, not some message for everybody to read. Not for public viewing…


The reason that I’m being so threatening is that I used to like watching superhero movies, you know, guy meets girl, guy meets bad guy, guy fights bad guy, guy gets girl. Basic plot of stupid movie. Anyways, there is always a secret government agency, you know, like the M.I.B and stuff like that. What’s the betting that there isn’t actually, you know, guys that go looking for people like me. Creepy guys, in black suits and sunglasses, that dissect people, and weird stuff like that. I used to dream about it, and I’m still scared of it. I’ve got a pretty good life, and I don’t want to ruin that.


Anything else that I should mention. I’m adopted. Boom. My entire life on a couple of pages.

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