A Part Of Me

Nash and Ellie have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember. But when Nash invites her to a Magcon your things go horribly wrong.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Nash's POV


"Ill race you to the swings!!" I yelled. "Okay GO!!!" Ellie yelled as she ran before I was ready. "Hey! No fair I wasn't ready!!" I say with a pouty face. "Nana boo boo you didn't catch me!" She said sticking her tongue out at me. "Rematch!" I said angrily but jokingly. "No. You're gonna lose again!! :P" "Nash! Time for dinner. Come in. Tell Ellie that you will play with her tomorrow!" My mom yelled from the kitchen. I hugged Ellie bye and then went back inside to eat sloppy joes.


Me and Ellie have been bestfriends ever since I can remember. She was really the only girl bestfriend I have ever had besides Mohagany. "Hey Grier! Whatcha daydreaming about??" Taylor asked. "Ermm. Nothing." I said as I flipped my hair. I haven't seen Ellie in about a month ever since I went on tour. Maybe I'll invite her on the next your which is about 1 month from now.

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