Just a girl who has a very bad dream...


1. Hunted

She ran. She ran through the everlasting darkness of pine and sky. The night’s obsidian fog seemed to be pulling her towards the steel-trap jaws of it. Her breaths came out short and panicked. Her heart hammered against her ribcage as the thing following her came closer.

    She made the unforgivable mistake of looking back. Two bloody eyes glared up at her, filled with madness and murder. Her body shook with fear. The girl turned her head in an instant but the image of the creature was branded in her mind.

    “I want to go home. I want to go home!” She sobbed, on the verge of tears. The scenery had changed now. She was running in a cemetery. The moss covered tombstones of long-dead lovers, children and elderly were passed by in a blur of tears and panic. She didn’t dare look back because she knew it was there. The girl could hear the petrifying growls and snarls as it got closer. She couldn’t run any further, her legs burned and her lungs craved oxygen. The girl stopped, accepting of her demise. She braced herself for the teeth that would soon meet her skin. She waited.

    But nothing came. Was the beast just a hallucination? A simple figment of her imagination? Something moved out of the corner of her eye, she turned but nothing was there. The girl backed away. Then she felt something cold behind her. She spun around in a flurry. It was a crypt made of white stone; and was chilling to the touch.  A noise on the opposite side of the crypt made the girl leap out of her skin. It was a throaty growl and gave the girl a cold sweat. Her breath quickened. Out of curiosity and fear, she looked over.

    She saw it again; black skin and murderous, red eyes. She was frozen with fear. As the girl clutched the crypt with white knuckles, a chilling voice, of whom she had never heard before said,

Meet thrice a Hellhound’s gaze and forever set your soul ablaze.”The girl held onto the crypt as if it were a lifeline.  Her breathing came out in loud gasps as the beast turned its gaze to her, its bloody sockets freezing her there like a mouse under the glare of a snake. The creature began lumbering towards her and soon it was running. In two bounding leaps, the creature was in the air, hurtling towards her. Teeth bared, eyes flashing and claws out. The girl screamed as it snarled and then. She woke up.

    Katherine’s hair was stuck to her forehead when she woke. Her breathing in heavy pants and her heart a jackhammer in her chest. Katherine sat up.

 “It was, just a dream?” She said almost hysterically. She laughed a little at her stupidity, how could she think that was real? Sleep soon overtook her like a spell.  In front of her bed, two sickly, red eyes opened and a voice said, “You Looked.”

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