Key to my Heart

What if one tiny key and one hidden lock meant everything? That if every person on the planet was assigned one, depending on their gender, and was left to find their destiny. What if just the twist of that key in a lock meant everything from then on was decided? How, with one motion, you longed to be with that person forever, like a marriage spell cursed inside of you. And what if this were true? Would you get that happily ever after, that story-telling love captured between two innocent souls? Or would you have to fight the curse of love, just to create the destiny you dream of?


1. Prologue


The first time I ever met my destiny was when I received a very important gift on the morning of a very special day. It was the day of my fifteenth Birthday and, like many other teenagers my age, I was looking forward to a day out with my mates. However I was unaware of what lay ahead, and even if I’d attempted to guess, a life-changing key wouldn’t have been one of them.

So as I awoke to my alarm, startled, and clambered into the bathroom to wash my face, I had no idea. I had no idea that in a few minutes I’d be sitting on my bed, confused, next to a tiny box glimmering in the sunlight that would fall through the crack in my curtains.

But I soon was. Minutes later, I was prising open the box to reveal a shining silver key, attached to a chain. It may sound exciting – a real silver necklace from an unknown person – but it was nothing like that. It was no more than a vintage key on a tattered chain and at first it meant nothing to me. Then, I realised the note that lay underneath it, folded up about ten times to make it tiny enough to fit in the box.

“Wow, they’ve gone to a lot of effort,” I remember murmuring to myself, thinking it was just a Birthday present. But why wouldn’t they? This key was about to hold my future and although I didn’t know it, I certainly wasn’t being very serious about it.

Once I’d folded out the paper so all the crease lines were showing, I noticed the swirly font draped across the page. It was only after I looked closely that I noticed it was handwritten, perfect loops for the ‘l’s’ and dots for the ‘i’s’.

“How could someone possibly write that neat?” I had thought. But then again, how could someone possibly find a key that’s magically appeared on their bed?

That was the moment I realised the key’s potential: as I read through the letter. Addressed to me by my full name, I knew this was too important to be just a gift, or too ridiculous to be a prank. Before reading I scanned it to make sure it was all written on a serious note, and checked who signed it off at the end. Funnily enough it read, ‘Who knows? Maybe you’d like to guess the unknown that I am’. Of course, I was confused, but knew that maybe the letter would give me a better insight on what was actually happening to me.

So I read. I read and I read and I read. And finally, I came to a conclusion: that my life would now be a whole lot more complicated. And I was right. The key wasn’t just a key – though sometimes I wish it just was – so it didn’t open secret passages to secret worlds or enter dreams or thoughts. Yes, I’d thought maybe it was like one of the fairy tales I read when I was little, but it was so much more. It is so much more. So much that it rules my life now, and will do nothing but it.

My key is special. It holds everything about me – my features, my emotions, my likes, my dislikes. One day it’s meant to fit inside a lock – every girls’ key is meant to fit inside a lock – and then everything about you is revealed to someone else, true love forming. Just a twist of the key and a marriage-like bond is created between two people. A girl and a boy. A key and a lock. They’re meant to be together. There’s no other way.

As I make my way through life, I’ll meet person after person, guy after guy, but I only have one chance in love. If I want a relationship with someone I have to give up the existence of my key to be with them – hand over the key and watch as it’s turned inside the lock, before disappearing into a cloud of dust. I’ve read about it – how keys and locks are meant to be guarded for life because they are your life. If you lose it, you lose love entirely. You’ll be forever alone in the world of black and white, and apparently, it isn’t a myth. If you lose your lock or key you no longer see colour – the world lies before you in only black and white.

So I keep mine safe. I don’t leave it on show – I tuck it beneath my shirt – because we’re forbidden to display it. Fifteen is the age they – whoever they are – say true love begins, and so before that age you’re meant to have no clue about the whole thing. I certainly didn’t know anything until I received my key, and if you do find out, you’re gone - swiped away by the giant, grubby hands of those above. Kids aren’t meant to know – they’re too naïve – and if they do find out, confusion will hit cities as children pass on the details of something new. And if they all find out, they could plan their life and they’d be ahead of time. Being kids, they’d search for their soul mate too soon or play around with other people’s locks and turn them in the wrong keys. Everything would be an ultimate disaster.

So our destiny must be hidden. My destiny lays hidden beneath my layers of clothing, lying against my chest, against my heart, waiting for The One to reveal it. But not all are doing the same. Some are messing with the curse of love, fighting for the destiny they’ve always dreamed of…

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