Three classes. The rich elite, known as supers, with their strange powers. The ordinary humans, known as Normals, with their unchanging lives, working from dawn till dusk. The outcasts. The deformed, the damaged. The sub-humans. The unwanted, in their shacks on the outside of society. One girl. The ultimate crime.



I woke up early. Other scavengers went out to the HOUSES, and I didn’t want to miss anything that might save one of our lives. The HOUSES were posh, well at least according to me. My means of entry was Yoko, a friend of mine. Also a super, so according to official records, we didn’t know each other.

I’d known Yoko since we were kids. His dad was one of the deputies, so he lived in one of the HOUSES. If his family ever found out about my visiting him, we might both be sentenced to death. Course, no one really cared, because Yoko’s family were supers, and so would protect him. I’d be put to death, which wasn’t so cool, but hey, what’s life in Subvilles without a little danger.

I trotted along the streets. The enforcers were out, but at this time we were allowed to be moving around. Still, it was best not to attract any attention. I skipped past a heap of rubbish and, like I did every time, I slipped on the clean ground. I mean, I rarely went to the HOUSES, so my running technique was perfected for the muck of everyday life.

            Yoko was in his favorite hang out, a tree. One of the few trees left in our subville. I had always wanted to climb it, instead of gazing at it in awe, but I always felt far too intimidated by it. On this situation Yoko was staring into the distance, towards the outside world, outside the boundary wall.


            I hopped over his fence, I mean, who has a fence? I’d bought the subject up the last time that I’d visited, but Yoko had just laughed. The last time that I’d visited the fence was just small, new. Now it was a proper fence. A proper, big fence, like you only see in the super-cities. Apparently.


            Yoko turned and saw me. He hopped out of the tree and hugged me. I endured the hug. To be honest, I found Yoko selfish, very much a super, very much something that I should hate. I only came because he always had something to give me, either for me or for my family.

“Yo, Phen,” he said, informally.

To me, who knew him so well, that meant that in our secret language that I had to reply politely, in true super style.

“Greetings from the sub-ville of Fendon, to Konyovar, son of the Deputy mayor of the above named sub-ville.” If that wasn’t polite then I don’t know what polite would be if it started flapping around my head, screeching.


            We'd developed the code the previous summer. If Yoko wanted to be informal, I had to reply formally, if Yoko wanted to be formal, I had to be informal. Note that our code was all about what Yoko wanted, not what I felt like doing. 


"Mum's throwing a tantrum because I had to leave the food outside last night, I mean, there was an enforcer right outside." I scowled. The food had been gone that morning, and when Mum found out she would probably kill me, or something.


"Sucks. Anyway, guess what!"




"Dad's going to be promoted! Mayor Alikozander's been promoted, he's going back to Kaiana, and Dad's going to be mayor. I mean, talk about cool. Have you seen the Mayor's house? I hear that its got a massive front room, and loads of bedrooms and..."


"Yoko, shut up!" I interjected. "Of course I haven't seen the mayors house. I'm not a super of any kind, and even going there would probably get me killed." D'uh. He never thought about anybody but himself, or ever thought about the fact that I didn't do the same things as he did.


"So, you want to see what I've collected for you? I've got a couple of blankets, and I can probably get you some food, so your mum doesn't kill you and then maybe some new clothes. You haven't been round for ages!" he enthused, enthusiastically.


"Can you get any alcohol? You know what my father's like, and Chir will want some too." Chir was my oldest brother, and was clearly my father's mirror image.


"Ahead of you there! C'mon, round the back, I've got the key to the cooling house, and while you're sorting that out I'll get the other stuff." He shoved the key into my hands and went into the house. I, ducking past windows, went round to the 'cooling house.' I got panicky when I was on my own in this area, and I tried to be inconspicuous as I slipped into the room. I grabbed a couple of bottles of something, and turned to go.


"And just where do you think that you're going?" I almost dropped the 'something' in shock, as I span around. There was a boy, around eighteen, tucked into the shadows in the corner of the room.


"I always wondered who my brother was nabbing blankets for. You, I presume. Wouldn't have thought that you'd be his type. Too much of a Sub, no mind at all." 


I turned and ran. The boy would find me. The Supers never ever let anyone steal from them. I had to get out. I had to go. I almost ran into Yoko, with a blanket in his arms. I snatched it on my way past, and bundled the drink into it. I sprinted into the maze that was the slum that I inhabited. I had to get home. Like a wounded animal, I ran for the only place that represented any shelter for me.


Second chapter done. From now I'll post one every week, so anyway, I hope you like Yoko, and his older brother. Don't worry, we'll be seeing them again.


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