Three classes. The rich elite, known as supers, with their strange powers. The ordinary humans, known as Normals, with their unchanging lives, working from dawn till dusk. The outcasts. The deformed, the damaged. The sub-humans. The unwanted, in their shacks on the outside of society. One girl. The ultimate crime.


1. Preface + Enforcer Trouble



My name is Phoenix de Rahkaxi. That isn’t the name that I was born with, nor is it the name that I wanted. It is the name that I was given and was forbidden from ever forgetting. Not by my parents, not even by my friends. By my masters.


            This is my story, from the sub-ville of Fendon to the shining metropolis of Laeria. This is how I found out just how different I was in this segregated world of normals and gifted and freaks. Subs, Normals and Supers. The neat filing system that benefited the great and fell down like a heavy axe to the necks of those down below.


            My life was everywhere. I worked in the mines as a corrupt seller for a corrupt mayor. I fled from enforcers, only to become one. I ruled over all only to fall.


This is my life. I can only hope that my mistakes and my failings will still, by some twist of fate, end the pain of my strange and savage people.


Chapter one


Enforcer trouble



I crouched behind the pile of muck and rubbish. An enforcer was patrolling the street in front of me, looking for those who had broken curfew. Those like me. I had been scavenging for food for the juniors before losing track of time. Before I knew it curfew was on and I was stuck outside


The enforcer who normally hung around on our street was there. I didn’t know his name; he was a normal and wanted absolutely nothing to do with the subs who lived in Fendon. That meant that if he saw me he’d be getting mad first and letting me go home later. If I got caught out after curfew again I’d probably be put in the lock up for a while. Who’d feed the juniors then?


Scowling, I took the dangerous option. I mean, who was this normal to make me risk my families’ lives in order to get home. I flung a hard piece of muck as far away from me as I could, and when he started towards it I dashed into the house.


My mother glanced up at me startled. Her look of concern was wiped out by one of anger.


“Where have you been, you stupid girl? Your father and I have been worried sick!”


“Hmph” I snorted, “He doesn’t care about me!”


“Well then, miss high and mighty. Let me guess, you spent the day playing with the muddly juniors from down the road and, oh, let me guess, COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT ANY FOOD FOR YOUR MOTHER AND BROTHERS!”


“Actually, I spent the day scavenging down wastirion way, you know, where they put some of the muck to be taken away, every so often.”


“Yucky!” interrupted my third brother, as yet unnamed.


My mother bustled around getting the children out of the kitchen. They settled down on the floor of the sleeping area in their pen, where mother of mine wouldn’t yell of them.


She came back and immediately began berating me!


“Oh, and let me guess! You found absolutely no food down at ‘wastirion.’ I’m not stupid!” she ranted, “You see these children? These little muddly muddly babies? Well, I hope that you see them starve. Your father can’t gather food, he’s busy down at workalite and so who do you think that it should fall to? Hmmmmm? Me? With my legs?”


“Look mum,” I interjected, “I did get some food. I just couldn’t get it inside because of, oh, the enforcer just outside.”


“Well then, you’d better go outside and get it,” came the cruel reply.


“Me and who’s army?” I asked sarcastically.


My mother scowled and rubbed her legs.


            My mother was a cripple from the waste down. Her legs were horribly twisted and mangled in a shocking way that made most who saw them feel sick. I’d grown up in this cramped house with its room for eating and its room for sleeping and all of its dirt and insects and muck. This was my home.


            My mother sighed, I always felt sorry for her, I had a good form and a strong mind, so rare where I come from.


“Well go on then, prepare the dinner. We need that food tomorrow though”


            I nodded my assent, and began to mash together some scraps that I had scavenged from the HOUSES, where the supers lived when they were visiting. I decided to probably head there tomorrow to get a new, or shall we say only second hand, blanket for my second younger brothers birthday.





To everyone who's sat through this, thanks for reading. If you have any ideas for progressing the story then please just comment. This is my first movella, so I hope you enjoy








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