Three classes. The rich elite, known as supers, with their strange powers. The ordinary humans, known as Normals, with their unchanging lives, working from dawn till dusk. The outcasts. The deformed, the damaged. The sub-humans. The unwanted, in their shacks on the outside of society. One girl. The ultimate crime.


3. Father

I eventually arrived back home, having taken a pretty crazy route: doubling back on myself and pretty much making sure that it would be difficult to follow me back home. Unfortunately, Father had beaten me there. Chir was sitting on the floor, leaning back on the wall, and as I staggered in, completely out of breath, he called out


He was in the room where we children normally slept, and I heard him stand, and he walked into the room. There was something dispassionate about his eyes; for me, his gaze was that of a predator examining its chosen prey. When I had received that look as a child, I started shivering. As I grew, I learned to control myself, to stop letting everything show in how I reacted to things.

"So. The wanderer returns." He said, his tone devoid of any warmth.

"You do realize that feeding the enforcers is not the point of scavenging, right?" Chir's unhelpful interjection.

Father silenced him with a glance and turned back to me. I knew from experience that there was only one way to get him to leave me alone, to procure the assorted drinks that I'd grabbed before the boy showed up. I opened my bundle and handed him the bottle.

He sniffed it, took a sip, and then spat it out, looking disgusted.

"Vinegar!" he spat.

I backed away, this level of fury was something that I had never seen before: the shadows on his face had become more prominent, and his eyes had gone darker. The supers treat us like animals, but this was beyond animal. This was human fury.

He grabbed the bottle of vinegar, and suddenly smashed it into my side. He was strong, a result of the lives we lead, and I slipped and skidded across the floor. I struggled to get up, but his hand made contact with my head, and his foot made contact with my stomach. And then Chir poured vinegar all over my head. The combination if these three things had me staggering outside, and throwing my guts up.

I hated him.

I went back in, ready to run out at any point. Father had slipped into the shadows by the door, and he slid out, his hands taking hold of my hair.

"Such a shame that the vinegar ruined your lovely hair, my dear. Perhaps you should focus a little more on what you're bringing home? Hmmm?" he hissed, "I'm so sorry that we're going to have to start from scratch with the hair."

He raised the knife, it's blade rusty. Knives were impossible to find, but Yoko had given me that one years ago. I thought that Father was going to cut my throat and I struggled. He yanked back on my hair hard, and I saw an explosion of black lights clouding my vision. The knife sliced through my ruined hair, and as I gazed down in shock at my auburn hair, lying on the ground, a blow to the head left me sprawled unmoving on the ground.

This one's quite short but anyway. You can kinda see where she's coming from when she talks about Yoko being spoilt. I'm not going to publish the next chapter till I get some feedback, and I don't really care what kind it is.


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