life is to hard...

When Hope and Destiny old life crumbles in front of them to be replaced by a new life with a new family and friends. What will happen? Will the like it?


1. The world

Destiny's POV

"What if OK magazine doesn't like my outfit?" Hope questioned "Hope i really don't care, everyone knows he likes you better- " Hope cut me of "well who ever he likes better we have to look good" she exclaimed. Our brother (Liam) is part of the band one direction, Personally i don't like them but my sister well she loves them.Today he is going to show the fans that we are his sister. She picked out jean shorts that where frayed from old age and a crop top saying GEEK. I put them on and came out of our en-suite. "sit" she ordered "i am not dog sis" i replied "just sit" she said. I sat down and she began to straighten my hair then curled the tips then she finished my make up and she was done. She had chosen the same outfit and did her hair the same as me. Oh i forgot to mention we are identical twins. "Girls come on we don't want to be late" Liam called from downstairs, we haven't see him in 4 months. We turned towards each other and giggle we walked downstairs and stood next to each other. He turned the into the hallway texting "which is which? " he said looking up. we started giggling and he laughed till hope gave in "I am Hope and that is destiny" "ok lets go"

Hope POV

OMG i am going to meet one direction today my favorite band ever and i can't wait. Destiny doesn't care at all but saying that she doesn't care about anything. When we got to the area everyone started fussing over us. I loved the attention but destiny didn't. "Miss stop pushing us away you have to look perfect" said a women "i look perfect in my eyes" Destiny replied. "girls come meet the boys" Liam shouted i was first out there i had to meet them. As soon as we walked i was gasping for air. What? one direction were right in front of me. "Boys this is Destiny and Hope" he said pointing at us. "which is which" Harry asked standing up " Er girls..." Liam replied.Both me and Destiny looked at each other then titled our hip to the side and said "you can't tell us apart bad brother." The room burst in to laughter. After we all finish laughing i said "i am hope" "i am destiny" Destiny said. All four boys gave us a hug then a man shouted "come on your on in 5" we all walked out.

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