Goldilocks' Book Reviews

Some books I've read! I'll try to update every day :)


4. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

It's a simple story about a teenage boy called Charlie who's just begun high school and is looking to change his life. Basically he's not popular and considered a 'geek', so tends to wonder on the side of the hallway unnoticed. Then he meets two amazing people who help him to change his life and see the world differently. It's a coming of age novel with comedy and strong language telling us about Charlie, and how he copes.

Despite the fact that this novel is very thin compared to others, somehow it took me a much longer time to read than expected. There's nothing unusual about the font size which triggered a longer read (if that makes sense) so perhaps it's the wording used. Some would predict it took a while since I hardly ever read it, but that's a lie for I was with that book every waking moment wanting to know what happens to Charlie next.

If you're like me, and very sensitive about any information being given to you about an unread book (not quite spoilers) then you may wish to skip this paragraph. Throughout the book, I find that rather than there being one big story, there were many scattered around the entire novel. Simply overcoming

obstacles that Charlie had to try and overcome. Not until the end was there anything huge going on,

but you could feel a slight build up to it (if that counts).

In my point of view, I saw Charlie as a troubled, innocent boy who's hidden from the world. Unlike a number of books which I have read, he didn't change at all in my opinion, just stayed that way throughout the entire story. I enjoyed this change, as it made the novel something unique and different - it also brings a sense of real life and reality into it, so that Charlie appear so be a real human being writing in a real diary.

This is an easy book to fall in love with due to comedy, some romance and situations you can relate to. But, it also comes along with very strong language and references, so therefore I've came to the conclusion that mature (mentally) teenagers, as well as gong adults would enjoy this most, and treasure it. Personally, I'd recommend reading this before the film to get a good understanding.


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