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Some books I've read! I'll try to update every day :)


3. The Book Of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern

This has to be one of my all time favorite books! It's magical but still completely realistic...

A teenager called Tamara Goodwin previously had a wonderful life in a big town, but when her father dies and her mother goes into depression, they're forced to move into the countryside. She's lonely and hating the new life which her and her mother have entered with her aunt and uncle, but then a travelling library arrives where she finds a book that changes her world.

Oddly, I found this book making me giggle in few spots, and I wasn't too sure whether it was meant to... but it did and I very much enjoyed that aspect, so if you're someone who enjoys a bit of natural comedy (if that makes sense - comedy that's not forced) then I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. Rather than just a simple story, I saw this book as a kind of coming of age. It was full of silly things that teenagers do as well as the mystical adventures which belong to the story line, so I guess you could say it's the best of both worlds.

I found that the style of writing was in a way which a teenager would speak in real life. Sometimes I felt as if Tamara was talking directly to me, just casually telling me the story. Once again I return to what I see as humor in the book. The writing wasn't moody (like a large number of the teenage population) it was just very basic, but in a powerful way that only skilled writers can pull off.

Due to living such a high class, easy life Tamara is typically a girl who's spoilt, and far too used to getting her own way. Since there was sudden change in her life style, there was an obvious adaption due to her personality. For the first dozen chapters, she was still her normal self full of hatred, and cruelty. I suppose there was also pure misunderstanding when it came to her mothers depression. After a while she realises the truth - that her life will probably never be the same again. Tamara therefore softens a little, but is still very determined. By the end of the book she's a lovely girl, even though she continues to have a cheeky side.

This time, I'm lowering the audience recommendation to just young adults and teenagers, since I think they'd view the book differently and possibly treasure it a bit more. In fact, I would recommend it to audiences a little younger, but some scenes aren't appropriate. Please spare some time for this quick, but enjoyable read as you'll never regret it! If you don't like fantasy, I still wouldn't worry as that's hardly a part of the novel. The only fantasy factor is that the book she buys is special!


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