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Some books I've read! I'll try to update every day :)


6. Skellig - David Almond

It bothers me so much that the majority of my friends have constantly complained about this 'supposed' boredom they get from the book. They all have closed minds, and cannot see the beauty of planet earth, so therefore cannot see the beauty of this book. If you have an open mind, then there is a large possibility of you enjoying this book, so please read on...

Before I begin properly, I just want to point out that there is a movie which was released a few years ago based on this book. If you have watched the movie, and enjoyed it then pick up the novel as I'm sure you'll enjoy this too! But it's got many differences like most books converted to films, though the overall storyline is very much the same. If you haven't seen the movie, then I would recommend reading the book first, I always find personally that it's best to do this as you understand the films a lot better. As well, there is a prequel to this book called 'My Name Is Mina'. It's about a girl which the main character meets. It doesn't make a difference whether you check this out before or after reading Skellig! Anyway, back to the review...

Skellig is a novel which I would say is fantasy, but has a strong sense of realism. It's about a boy named Michael who moves house with his family. When they move in, the house is a tip due to the lazy previous owner and with Michael's mother being pregnant it's a struggle, but still possible to fix in time for the baby. But when she goes into labor extremely early, everything goes wrong. The baby's got a large chance of dying causing his parents to be distracted. Feeling rebellious due to abandonment and annoyance, Michael wonders into the dangerous, old garage in their back garden, close to collapsing. In their he finds a strange creature which he tries to bring out with his neighbor Mina before the garage breaks.

If your not particularly into long reads, then this book is perfect! It's only a total of 170 pages. The chapters are around 3 pages long as well, so if like me you like to complete at least one chapter before bed, you're not sat there for hours and therefore get a good sleep. The choice of language used is simple, so very easy to understand even if you're half asleep. It's not a book where you have to go back and reread the paragraph you just read. Some people dislike the idea of a book being in first person, as they find that you don't get enough description, but personally I enjoy it as you get a true view of the characters feelings. David Almond creates an amazing picture of Michael's feelings. I say this about many books, but I mean it more than ever when I say you feel like he's talking directly to you. My favorite aspect about the book though has to be that it's fast moving (as you may have guessed from my constant, quick change of subject). You're not left there patiently waiting for the turning point to arrive. It's just amazing.

What I enjoy about this book is that the author doesn't try to create this unusual, weird person like in most books, instead he makes this typical teenager, and I very much enjoyed the change. There's not too much to say about Michael as he's quite simple, but when you're reading the actual novel he seems a lot bigger than I'm making him out to be. I suppose I could add that he's a sort of hypocrite.

Although I've wrote more than usual I feel like I haven't said too much about the novel! So I apologise for my lack of information. It's something that's just too hard to describe to someone else... therefore I suggest reading it, as this way to get to understand my love for the beautiful tale. I first approached it when I was either eight or nine after being recommended it to by my mother, and instantly loved the story. I read it once again quite recently and enjoyed it even more. Therefore, I wouldn't put any age recommendation on it as it's easy to like by all ages. Now please read and enjoy!


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