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Some books I've read! I'll try to update every day :)


2. One Hundred Names - Cecelia Ahern

The story is based on the life of a journalist, Kitty Logan, who makes a mistake when trying to find more information on one of the latest stories. This causes chaos in her life as she tries to fix everything. Sadly, her boss and good friend dies, leaving her with a list of one hundred names. When it comes to the company creating a huge article in tribute to her dead boss, Kitty insists that they interview the people from the list. The new boss gives in and says that she must interview these people before two weeks is up. As she searches Ireland for the names Kitty learns about their unusual lives that help her to understand her own.

Now when I finished it, I found it was one of those books when you just lay there in your bed, staring at the ceiling because it was so amazing. I spent the whole time reflecting on the events that happened, and comparing the beginning to the end. Honestly it made me think so much... I guess it was just approaching a big task in a small time limit that made me think hard. Ever since I've completed this, I've tried much harder when it comes to task rather than just giving up straight away.

Unlike the rest of the books which I have read by Cecelia, this particular one is based in third person. I found that this way you could tell how other people were feeling, and their points of view on the story. This was interesting, as I knew that I viewed the characters differently like this than I would've if it was first person. Sadly though, you couldn't get quite as much thought and emotion out of Kitty so there were some difficulties when it came to emphasizing.

Throughout the entire novel, I didn't think that Kitty was much of a closed book. It was clear that she was an extremely confident, and determined person. She'd do almost anything to get what she wished for - this being the main problem why she's in a mess. Therefore, there wasn't anything new learnt about her along the way but, there was a gradual change in her character. Nearer the end, I found her more soft and caring in personality. Of course, she was a nice person at the beginning, but I found that she blossomed more into that person at the end of the book.

Overall, I thought this was a lovely book with an interesting story line that made me think hard about, well, everything. Although I thought it was wonderful, I was rather disappointed to find it in third person losing that usual connection I normally have with Cecelia's characters. But still, it was amazing. I would recommend it to teenagers and anyone older, and unsurprisingly to females. I hope you enjoy this book like I did!


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