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5. Linked - Imogen Howson

For the first time ever, I picked a book up and bought it without taking a single glance at the blurb. I thought that the front was absolutely beautiful - that was what lead me to purchase it. When it comes to novels, I don't give one thought about 'Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover'. As I began to read, I was so glad that I didn't check out the blurb, as I felt far more excited than usual. I'm also pretty certain that it was one of the reasons why I adored the book so much.

The story is based far into the future when twins do not exist, so when Elissa finds out that she has one, it's even more shocking than usual. Lin (her sister) has been captured since she was born with other twins, who are called 'clones'. Together they run away and try their hardest to find a safer place to be in, but with hundreds trying to find and arrest them, it's hard. It's beautiful science fiction novel, so please pick it up!

It's amazingly descriptive throughout. Imogen Howson couldn't make the pictures in my head any more clearer. When it comes to writing future based books, I personally believe you have to be clear with every little thing you're saying so that it's understandable, the same goes with some historical novels. She manages to pull it off with grace, so that it doesn't sound like Elissa knows she's talking to people from the 'past'. Rather than feeling like you're Elissa, you feel like you're watching and following her. This to some might be a disappointment, but I found it a relief not to feel like I'm being put through what Elissa is.

Whilst on the subject of Elissa, I found that you never truly discover the true her. We understand that she's 15 years old, and wishes to help her sister as well as other clones, but her personality is hidden. A sequel to this amazing tale is coming out later this year, so I hope more will be told about her then. On the other hand Lin is slightly more open. She's shows who she is through almost everything she does. From what I've learnt, Lin is extremely daring and confident, as well she's very sweet and innocent. She's not very experienced with the world.

Once again, I would predict that this is more of a book that only teenagers would enjoy. It's not a coming of age novel, I'd compare it to something similar to the hunger games - but add a lot more science fiction. If this sounds like a book you'd enjoy the slightest, then please check it out!


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