Goldilocks' Book Reviews

Some books I've read! I'll try to update every day :)


1. How To Fall In Love - Cecelia Ahern

It's a beautiful story that had me gripped from the first word, about an Irish girl from Dublin who failed to prevent a man from shooting himself. When she comes across the opportunity to save someones life again she takes it on, not baring to see another person die. The man gives her two weeks to convince him that living's the better option, otherwise he'll jump off Ha'penny bridge. Along the journey she finds him loving his life more and more, but fears it's not enough.

This enjoyable, romantic story was a fairly quick read in two days. It was full of small, but crazy adventures making you see life in a totally different perspective, and want to live it to the fullest. Ahern helps you to believe anything is possible with the realistic miracles dotted around the novel. Basically I now feel enlightened, all because of one book.

Her style of writing was perfect! Each and every sentence was connected together making it flow, and easy to read. Nothing was over the top, just a nice balance of simple and complex sentences joined with perfect description, helping you to visualize the events like they were right in front of you. The effort put into the novel was practically jumping off of the page - you can really understand how much Ahern loves to write.

The protagonist, Christine, is quick and easy to get to know. Most of the basics were fed to you in the first few chapters, understanding about how she constantly makes mistakes, and finds pleasure learning the ways of life through 'How To...' books. In the early stages, we also discover that Christine likes the idea of doing things, but can never be bothered to do them. To me personally, I found her as quite a confident person at the start having the courage to do things such as walk out on your husband of not even a year, and be in the presence of a man with a working gun but as the story went on I found many insecurities located in the personality. She's a character you learn more and more about along the way.

I don't believe that this story was a waste of my time at all - I honestly don't think I'd feel the same right now if I hadn't had read it. Like many books, it was telling the reader about a simple event in someone's life, but at the same time gave the reader a powerful lesson about mistakes, and what true love is. I'd recommend it to a teenage audience and anyone upwards. Preferably, I think that the female gender would enjoy it more but men can of course give it a try.


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