Little lies

Amy was a normal 13 year old girl. Loving life with her best friend Mia. Amy meets a boy called Louis , And instantly falls in love. But will Louis find out Amys big dark secret?


1. Your 14 okay.

I sat there, In the silents. Holding the blade to my wrist. Pushing it in and dragging it across my arm. Watching as the blood would bubble up above my skin and the outskirts of the cut get red and puffy. I was sitting on my bathroom floor. Crying of what i got myself in to. Crying on how much of my life i've messed up on already. You're probably getting confused at this so let me just fill you in on my story so far.

I was 11 years old when i found out my grandfather had cancer. A bus driver came knocking at my door one day saying the think hes had a stroke. My mother rushed to the hospital and sent me to a friends house. She phoned my friends mother the next morning saying that he had lung cancer and a brain tumor, to bring me straight to the hospital to see him as he was refusing treatment and the doctors said he only would have 6 weeks to live. the next 6 weeks of my life were hell. I would get up every morning and go to the hospital sitting by his side till that evening.

My grandfather was getting sick of the hospital and signed himself out. 6 weeks passed by and he was still by or sides, The next year was hell going in and out of the hospital with him but we knew he was strong. 

One morning my mother was going to his house to give him he's tablets, she had a funny feeling so asked me to come with her. I was in english and text her saying i'll come after maths my next class. I waited for maths to be over and i went outside the school to my mum.

We pulled up at his house and his front door was closed, something wasn't right. I walked up to the front door opened it and walked in. I could hear moaning. I walked in the hall and into the bathroom when i found him. Lying in a pool of blood on the cold floor. 

"Mum" i yelped out.

She came running in and told me to run and get help. I ran to the neighbours houses but nobody was there. I panicked and rang the doctors

"Hello" She answered.

"My grandads on the floor and there's blood all over the place" I cried into the phone.

"Calm down and tell me he's name please?"

"Ahm grandad hes my grandad he has cancer" I said barely being able to speak.

"Yes but can you tell me he's name?"

"John" i answered knowing the doctor would know who he was.

"Oh yes yes i know who your talking about" she said and then continued "I have an ambulance on the way".

I hung up the phone and sat to the ground, waiting for an ambulance to come.Around 10 minutes later it arrived and they took him away, we followed on straight behind it..

* 2 hours later *

There nurse showed us down to the hospice sweet. This is where people with cancer come to die comfortably . I sat beside him in the bed and grabbed on to his hand. I stayed holding his hand listening to the rattling of his chest. It was 6 o'clock in the morning when the rattling stopped and the nurses rushed in to his room. The pulled my hand away from hes and pushed me out side the door. A few minutes later they came out to me and my aunt and said he was gone.. 

From that day on i blamed myself for his death because i didn't leave school on time and i couldn't find help. I distanced myself from all my friends, the only one i had was a sweet dear razor blade.I cut my self every night, Disgusted at what i had done to my self.

Months had passed and i had calmed down with hurting my self, I had gotten back very close to my friend and she was sleeping over at mine one night.

We were sitting in my room and mia was on her phone texting someone, But she wouldn't tell me who

Message from: Harry 

Hey, Are ye coming out?

Message to: Harry 

Its like half one in the night, do u not think thats a bit late?

Message from: Harry 

No its not. Meet me at the library in 5 minutes. Oh and btw how old is your friend amy?

Message to: Harry

Shes 14.

Message from: Harry


"Amy put on your shoes where going out" Mia finally spoke taking her eyes off her phone.

"Are you crazy? Its nearly 2am" I said looking funny at her.

"Yeah but we're going down to harry, he asked if we were coming out".

Oh no not harry, harry is the most scariest person i've ever seen. Hes 18 and has been in trouble with the police so many times, But me and Mia will be together. Nothing bad could happen right? Mia finally persuaded me to sneak out my bedroom window and go out to him,She got out first and i got out second, I was pushing back in the window when Mia whispered making sure she wouldn't wake up my mum.

"Oh yeah you're 14, Not 13 ok" She said then ran ahead of me. Why do i have to lie about my age? What does this boy want?



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