Little lies

Amy was a normal 13 year old girl. Loving life with her best friend Mia. Amy meets a boy called Louis , And instantly falls in love. But will Louis find out Amys big dark secret?


2. The library

Me and mia walked down past the house's beside mine then we passed a garage till we got to the end of the road, then we turned right and went up to the library where we were meeting Harry. We stood at the front of the library, I sat down on the rubley ground beside Mia. I had a strange feeling in my stomach. 

"Hello ladies"I shivered as I heard a deep voice speak. 

Me and Mia looked up and just stared, There he was, The boy everybody was scared of. He has Brown curly hair with deep green eyes. He was smoking a cigarette. He dropped the cigarette and stood on it with the top of his shoe, then slid his shoe left to right quenching it. 

"Get up so?" He said looking at me.

"W-what?" I spoke with a shaking voice while looking at Mia.

"Just get up al" Mia said being a bit bossy.

I stood up off the cold ground and wiped my self down.He then started walked down the alley way and told me to follow on. I looked at Mia with fear in my eyes.

"What am i going to do!?" I shouted at her but softly enough that he wouldn't here.

"Just go a go with him, come on what's the worst that will happen?" 

I stood there for a minute before hearing him shout out my name, Shivers went down my spine. 

"Ally come on, Im waiting.." I walked down the dark alleyway and stood in the corner looking at my shoes.

"Come here!" He commanded me. I walked over till i was standing side by side with him. He turned and stood in front of me so or faces were inches apart.

"Youre afraid of me arent you?" he said.

"Why would i be afraid of you?" I questioned back, Looking away.

He grabbed my face and pulled it back to his. I started shaking and my heart started beating faster and faster.

"So are you going to kiss me?" He said.

"No, Never" I said with a bit of courage. He still held my face.

He squeezed his fingers tighter and started hurting my jaw, Then he pressed his big wet lips against mine. I pulled away but he pulled me back. He soon let go off my face and smirked.

"Still scared?" He asked smartly

The funny thing was i wasn't scared anymore, All he did was kiss me, why should i be scared?

We sat down side by side with each other and he lit a cigarette, He put out his and and went to hand me the fag.

"I dont smoke" I said.

"Go on, Don't be a chicken" He said. 

I put out my and and grabbed the cigarette, I didnt even no what way to hold it. I put it in my mouth and sucked the smoke in to my lungs. I started choking on it and threw it away. Harry just looked at me and smiled, But then he got an evil look in his eyes and put his hands on my lap. He began rubbing my thighs, I started getting creeped out. He put his hands to the waist of my pants and began to pull them down.

"Stop" I said.

"Its okay just trust me" He said trying to reassure me as he pushed me to the ground to pull down my pants

"No, Im a virgin stop please" I went to push him off me. But he was to heavy and strong. He put his dick in me and started moving it in and out. I kept trying to push him off but it wasn't getting me anywhere, So i just stared at him, He smiled the most creepiest smile at me. I turned my head sideways as a tear ran down the sides.

Once he was done what he was doing he got up and pulled up his pants

"If you get pregnant you don't come back to me, You understand!" He said before running down the dark alley way.

I lay there for a few minutes before getting up and going back to Mia, We walked home in silences...


To this day Nobody knows exactly what happened that night, Nobody but me and Harry. Mia and a couple of my close friends say that its rape.But i don't see it like that. I went down to him. I sat beside him. Its my fault Harry did what he did, Nobody else.

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