Louis little sister

Tara's big brother is in a band called one direction she likes one of his friends in the band his name is Niall. They both like each other infact but the other band mates louis her brother Harry Zayn and Liam see what happens between Tara and Niall.


1. Louis coming home


Nina and i share the same account so there will be some fanfic's that she rights and that I right

Louis comes home with his band mate Niall from his band one direction, they're both starving and both agree on pepperoni pizza. They call and order from pizza palace and get one each and louis thinks of his sister Tara and she loves pepperoni so he got an extra one for her for when she came home from her friends house louis gave her the pepperoni pizza he ordered for her and she said thanks to him. Niall was tempted to go say hi but she had already went up stairs so he said to louis that he needed to go to the toilet. So Niall went up the stairs and knocked on Tara's door she asked who it was and he said it was Niall so she opened the door and Niall got nervous and just said to her that he wanted to say hi. Then Tara said hi back then Louis shouted up for him and said that he had put the foot ball on but just before he went Tara smiled at him and he smiled back and then she kissed him on the cheek and they both said bye and Niall went back down stairs to watch the football.(skip the foot ball) Niall went home and went to his bedroom up stairs and he couldn't stop thinking about Tara and that she had kissed him.

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