Mika Hatsune(Miku's big sister)

This is a story about Mika's life (yes I made up the name) Mika is Miku's big sister and one thing
I want it made this into a series and continue it but make different people that are in her family


3. Chapter three- the day in the park

I ran to my closet and opened it I found Miku and Miki in my closet trying on my shirt. I groaned they looked at me and had wide eyes.

"Get out" I said smiling but really I want to chase them down.

They laughed together and continued trying on my clothes. I laughed evilly and closed the door.

"If you don't get out I will hurt you" I said to the wall.

They giggled and I heard little footsteps running around. I quickly opened the closet and they were gone......ok. I walked inside and grabbed a blue shirt and black shorts. While I was putting it on I heard giggling as I put on my pants I looked around and saw one pigtail. I smirked to myself and grabbed it and pulled it a little and out showed Miku. And behind her Miki. They are the Hatsune trouble makers. I laughed and picked them both up and carried them out my room.

"Now get out" I said smiling.

I closed the door and then my phone rang.


Mika:Hey Neru

Neru:What are you doing

Mika: Getting ready

Neru:For who?

Mika:For Gackupo

Neru: Oh

Mika:What are you doing

Neru: With Len

Wait isn't Len my cousin wait he is dating Neru. I feel stupid

Mika:Cool well I have to get ready so bye


I hanged up the phone and put on some makeup. I put on my shoes and grabbed my bag.

"Time to go" I said to myself and walked out.

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