Mika Hatsune(Miku's big sister)

This is a story about Mika's life (yes I made up the name) Mika is Miku's big sister and one thing
I want it made this into a series and continue it but make different people that are in her family


1. Chapter one-little sisters

Hi I am Mika and I am 18, I am the oldest sister and then I have two little sisters. One is Miku and the other Miki. They are so what annoying they bother me a lot and I mean a lot. But I like to stay in my room and text to my friend Neru and I got a boyfriend his name is Gackupo. I live with my mom and dad and I have two cousin that are twins they are Rin and Len. My mom is named Luka and my dad is named Rook.

(I know he is a Utauloid)

"Mika!!!!" I heard Miku say through the other side of the door.

"What" I said annoyed.

"Can I come in" I heard Miki say.

"No" I said rudely.

I heard my door open and they ran in.

"Get out!!" I said yelling at them.

Miku froze and looked at me and then Miku walked away slowing out my room and Miki followed her.

I got up and closed the door and laid back down. I looked at my ceiling and then i heard my phone ring I looked at my phone and looked who was calling me. It was my boyfriend I smiled as I looked at screen.


Gackupo:Hey Babe

Mika:What are you doing

Gackupo:I am home thinking about you

I blushed and laughed.

Mika:Me too

I was kinda of lying but I was.

Gackupo:Want to go to the movies Saturday


Gackupo:Ok see you then

Mika: Bye Gackupo call you tomorrow


I hanged up the phone and put my phone on my chest.

"Who were you talking to" My mom said leaning against my doorframe.

"My boyfriend" I said looking at her.

"Oh Gackupo" she said then walking out my room.

I sighed happily and closed my eyes day dreaming of me and Gackupo

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