Matilda Spores

Matilda Spores always knew she was a witch, but when she turns eleven and starts at Hogwarts,what will happen when she meets witches and wizards like herself?


1. The Hogwarts Express

I gazed out of the window, wondering what Hogwarts was going to be like. My brother, Timothy had told me about some of the teachers, but that was it. Maybe I should just wait and see.  

 One hour later, a friendly-looking girl with red hair appeared at the door of my compartment."Hi!" she said, " Is it ok if I come in?"

"Sure, what's your name?" I replied.

"I'm Susan Bones,  who are you?" said  Susan.

"I'm Matilda Spores." I felt happy that I had found a friend at last. " What house do you want to be in?"

"Hufflepuff," replied Susan.

"Me too!"

A few hours later, the train came to a stop.

"Firs' years this way!" shouted a very tall man standing on the platform. He led us to a fleet of boats on a black lake. Me and Susan got into a boat with two other girls, Pansy and Lavender. We had a small conversation, but got distracted by the sight of Hogwarts in the beautiful moonlight.


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