without name for now.

this is a romance.. the tipical love story of a boy and girl.
you guys are more then invited to read it, hope u enjoyed it :)


3. #3

after 5 minutes Teo came back, "princess, the big boss is waiting for u", he pointed to the door behind him while smiling his flarty smile, "thank you", i said just to be polite, and run away from his .sight
i were standing infront a door with a mangar's sign. i knocked on the door anf after two minutes i got a respond.
"come in please", the voice said, i opened the door and the room was nice, the wall were colored in yellow and there was two black sofas next to each other, a desk and behind the desk was a big black chair , the man that set on the chair was against me i couldn't see his face or body.
"sit please ", the voice asked, i obeyed.
after i set i understood that the man is on the phone cus he start to talk to himself, "yeah..i know.. fine i understood, just leave alone i cant talk right now ", he said, if you would ask me that was the most stranger conversation i have ever heard, "yeah i will meet u later, bye", he said and finally hang up.

the chair turned and there i saw him, he has a black short hair, if u saw his arms u could tell that the man is work out at east 3 days in a week, his lips made me wanna bite them, but the most beautiful thing was his eyes , those green eyes were more then just eyes, they had a deep secret behind them and of some reason i wated to know what is it.
"sweety did u hear me?", he asked,"what..mm no im sorry", i said shyly, that was so emberassing after i understood what i thought about the one that sappused to be my manager,he smiled, "its ok, so i guess u r merry, we spoked on the phone right?", he said, "yeah, "i aswered smiling to him, "
"well my name is Damian and i guess that i am your boss", he said and got up suddenly

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