without name for now.

this is a romance.. the tipical love story of a boy and girl.
you guys are more then invited to read it, hope u enjoyed it :)


2. #2

i payed the taxi driver as he pulled over,im late only in 5 minuts but still its my firsy day at this job. i even dont know who is my boss, i mean i talked with him on the phone but thats it, I've still not seen him. the only thing i know that its he and not she.

i got in to the coffie shop, yeah i know i am almost 20 years old i should get a better job, but what can i do, i dont have my mom and dad with me anymore.
after the car accident they both died, its was friday night, i remember myself asking them not to go cus i didnt want to be alone i mean i were only 11 years old,but they told me that grandma Ellen, dad's mom will come to be with me and they will be back before i will notice it, so i agreed.
it was he biggest mistake of my life, they didnt come back that night, they didnt come back at all, i have been waiting for 9 years so they will back, but they never showed up.

I got in and walked forward the black curly hair guy who stand behind the counter. 
guy : Hi princes my name is Teo, what can i do for you?
is he just winked to me?is he trying to hit me?
M:I need the manager is he around? 
T: for what u need the maager if you have me
this guy full of confident ! who the ell he think is he ??
M: im here for the job..
T: well you got lucky to work with me babe
his smile gor bigger i dint think there is way to his smile grow bigger
M:yeah im sure, so can i see the manager?
i asked again, i have to be nice he will be one of my mates at work.
M: wait i will call him for you my lady
he left and went away form me probably for find the big boss. I hope he's better from this Teo...

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