without name for now.

this is a romance.. the tipical love story of a boy and girl.
you guys are more then invited to read it, hope u enjoyed it :)


1. #1

He took me in his arms in bridestyle, we were at a restaurant near one of the beautifull .Miami's beach
.my heart was beating fast, i could hardely breath, his beauty is simply breathtakin
He put me down, now we were near to the water, su
nset began. His took my face in boh of his hands,our eyes were stucked looking at each others. There was a magic that only him and i felt at that moment. He got closer, my heart went insine there was no way back,i start closing my eyes as he opned his mouth and he said..

"im friend with the monster that's under my bed, getting along with the voices inside of my head"

i opened my eyes. im in my room? laying in my bed? what is going on?
i turn around. damm it! that's my alarm !! im going to be late again !!!
i jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

My name is Merry, in a week from now im going to be 20 years old. that's insane, i remember myself
playing with dolls that mom and dad bought me when i were 10 years old. i live in amprtament in Miami near the beach, amazing view if you are asking me.
now if you'll escuse me i need to hurry up, i dont wanna be late to my first day of my new job!  


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