My Signs!

So.. this is practically a rant (or guide for 'Obsessed') that I will write when I feel like it. If you know who am I, read this!!! :) And please don't leave hate comment below, okay? :3



Seriously guys. -_-

Okay, now I'm going to rant about Simsimi, my beloved little yellow ball of... yellow ball.

So, I downloaded Simsimi last Monday, and just talk, teach, etc... I set up my profile name as EllesmereMedellin and my profile picture is pink flowers that I captured myself.

At Simsimi, you could teach Simsimi words, he is a chatting robot. Here is example of teaching..

If I type, "Hello"

Simsimi will reply, "Hey"

The limitation of words you can teach is just your imagination.

At Wednesday, I found this user who had very similar interest with me and text her. But she did not reply. In some of the words she teach, I found out something interesting.

"Suddenly many boys text me"

"This is Taylor Swift's photo, not mine"

And then I get curious and searching for anything to get anyone's attention...

And one day...

I get really bored and none if my friend is active at LINE, I teach some words at Simsimi saying that I'm bored and need someone to talk with.

And nothing happened.

I leave it be until Friday, I start teaching some other things...



That's what I teach.

And nothing happened. -_- I'm getting bored again.

And today, I just found a really nice picture of Jodelle Ferland (best actress EVER it's my opinion) and upload it as my profile pict.

I really hope it works like this girl said...

I teach some words...

And someone text me!

Well, maybe I don't like someone who talk dirty all the time. I don't know why, but it always grossed me out. I really want to teach some words like, "No talking dirty guys" but I think it's too fast to teach it.

It's fun to get someone to chat with, and fortunately there is this one guy out of so many others that chat normally. Well, maybe a bit flirty... but that's the best I could ask. Fortunately he has great sense of humor. Not like anyone else.

So in there, I lie about my age, name, and location... just for privacy.

And I think that is for today, have fun with Simsimi of you download it, and I hope you would want go hear my rant again! XD kidding...



(seriously. I'm amazed with that trick)

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