My Signs!

So.. this is practically a rant (or guide for 'Obsessed') that I will write when I feel like it. If you know who am I, read this!!! :) And please don't leave hate comment below, okay? :3


3. It's Not That I Don't Like Them

Sigh. The whole of my school gets crazy over 1D. Am I made it sounds bad? OMG, I didn't mean to. Really. I'm a Swiftie and I know if someone say she's bad... I'll kill you. I know what they are feeling.

But, seriously? Now? Here? At movella? I think someone SHOULD make a new website for 1D fan fiction, that way, everyone would be happy.

Okay. I would take the positive from 1D's here...

1. Their song is great. Yeah, it's great! I do love Gotta Be You, but that doesn't mean I have to write a fan fiction about 1D, right?

2. They're handsome. But not my type.

3. Their style is simple, like all people I asked say. They say, they like 1D because their style is simple but still looked awesome, their song is great, and they're so handsome. Who's with curly hair?

4. Could be a good start here. To boost your popularity, of course. It's like a 'cheats to popularity' button.

And negative...

1. Many 1D movella rated R. Seriously? If the guys enter this movella as anon and read your R rated movella what they will do? What do you think? How they reaction will be? I'm sorry if I annoyed you, it's my rant.

2. The other non fiction movella get lost in 1D sea. If I go to the 'popular' section, almost all of it goes to 1D fan fiction. If I go to 'most recent' one, IT HAPPEN TO BE ONE DIRECTION AGAIN!!!

3. They just ruled the world. Okay, 1D ruled out the music world, then it got to people's ears. The popular girls at school who are a true Directioners will always sing the song and like crazed about them. Even my friend made a FULL LIST OF 1D SONG from A-Z.

4. Why bother to make another story when you know 1D fan fiction would get many likes?

Basically, 1D is a gate to popularity. I read something on internet that 1D affect the world like The Beattles is (?).. I never really know, though. Well, their song is great, and I love Story Of My Life and Gotta Be You! But, I'm not a true Directioner.

Actually, I would APPRECIATE if somebody makes a website for 1D fan fictions, so everybody could write 1D fan fictions there, so movella wouldn't be filled with fan fictions, and Directioners could go directly there and browse through all of it freely without being disturbed by other kind of fan fiction or stories.

And, there is this one thing. It's not 1D's fault. It's their popularity that makes them rule the world. And when a Directioner find movella... Kaboom!! The movella became a sea of fan fiction.

I would appreciate if you start writing your own non fan fiction stories, you could comment below and I will read it and maybe point out some problem I could find, because I'm not from England or America or... the point is my first language isn't English.

By the way, I would love to call myself a line. I'm at the line, not the one who hate 1D or crazed about them.

Just this, LOVE~


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