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So.. this is practically a rant (or guide for 'Obsessed') that I will write when I feel like it. If you know who am I, read this!!! :) And please don't leave hate comment below, okay? :3


4. Going To Eye Doctor Won't Make Your Eyes Square

So.. you see? This is all about health. (Don't read if you're already bored)

So, one problem that always bother me. I only go to an eye doctor once. And that was years ago. -_-

And you know why?...


Mother : Your rank is seven..

Me : Uh... Actually it's nine. Maybe you have to go check your eyes? With me? (Hopeful tone and eye)

Mother : (laugh) Of course no! I don't want to wear glasses! (slightly worried face)

Me : (flat face) But I really can't see well!


You read yourself. -_- my first thought is, 'going to eye doctor won't make your eyes go all myopia or goes flat or square or whatever!'

Just imagine it, at first you don't have flu, but you're concerned and go to a doctor. Would it be possible when you go to the doctor you suddenly have a very bad flu? No. If your doctor diagnosed that you have a flu, then it's NOT the result of going to doctor, you had the flu before you go to the doctor. And then here we go to cure the flu. Your doctor will advise drinking some vitamin supply and some medicine, but he won't force you to drink all of them!

The same as eye doctor. If your result is you have to wear glasses, the doctor won't force you! That's impossible. And if you're diagnosed with myopia, it doesn't mean when you're going to an eye doctor your eyes goes all square or flat or myopia, but it means that you have myopia BEFORE you check. Hell, that suck.

I could prove my myopia with some bad grades resulting from unable to see clearly, but who cares?! My teacher told me to go for a check, and I said yes and told my mother. But she refuses. Hell, what a life! My friend told me to do it too.

Sigh. It should've been me that refuse to go for a check, not my mother. My life is upside down.

My friend just have a slightly imperfect sight and her parents got her soft lenses. And me? Heck, my parent even won't let me go for a check. ARGH IT IS SO FRUSTATING!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate this I hate this I hate this!!! I just want to see better, not for trend!! It's not because my friend have glasses I want to have one too!! Heck, if I could I would go for soft lenses so there is no teasing for me!! Ugh!

I had so many almost cry situation from being unable to see clearly and embarrass myself. :'( that suck!!!!!!!!

I really want to kick something right now! :( I don't lie for a glasses... I really need them.. It's not for trend! If I want it for trend then I would go buy a trendy sunglasses or just a glasses without lens. :(( could someone understand me?!

Okay, that's a lot of nonsense I'm talking about but they're important. I think that's what causing my daily stress. I really couldn't understand. It's just a check up! Hell, this is irritating.

Okay, that is for this chapter, and have fun reading my upcoming movella! I have been take back The Winter's Moon because I made a new version of it! It's way better than The Winter's Moon in my opinion.

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