This movella is going to be kinda like the PS3 game The Last Of Us. Its going to be based in the UK instead, have similar zombies and going to have a relationship like Joel and Ellie did. But instead its going to have my own twist.
Elle (me [by the way the main character is me]) has been abandoned in a crumbling world of the infected. With constant obstacles she is found by Aaron, a 37 year old survivor. Will they be able to save each other from their pasts or will they both split paths?
I really hope you enjoy this and I'll take any suggestions.


6. To trust or not to trust- Elle

Something creaked behind me. Sleep tried to claim my eyes however I wouldn't let happen now I was edge. Perhaps its just my mind playing tricks on me. Then why was their fumbling beside me? It doesn't make sense. Who would be in my room at this time of night? The rooms still plunged in darkness therefore they wont notice be turning over. Will they? Obviously, luck isn't on my side.

I feel like my scalp will peel off as my father drags me down the corridor. The jerk! "GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU CHICKENSHIT!" I claw at his arms and ribs; well, whatever flesh I can reach. My feet grip to the floor and that seems to slow us down, just a bit. He just bares his yellow stained teeth at me, the cause of years of smoking, and lets out a low growl in his attempt to pull me closer. His legs comes swinging round and impacts my stomach in my decline of going any further. "Argh!" The cold floor grazes my skin, unsupportive to my falling body. I try to catch breath, pain shooting through me. That's gonna leave a bruise. I cant control the tears, or my breathing. "Why- ahh- why are you doing this to me?" Something about his laughter makes me cringe. Who the hell does this to their daughter? Everything's silent for a bit; only my panicked breath lingering in the air. "Why not?" He chuckles. I stare into the eyes of what could be Satan himself. His repulsive eyes glinting in the faint light of the night. Suddenly I realise I have to do something about this. I cant deal with this... shit anymore! I need to get away from these people. If - if Im really going to get out of here then I need to go ASAP. Shit, huh?

His large hands retreat from my arms when a small voice steps in. "Granddad?" Despite the pain I turn roll over to see who that small voice belongs too and to no surprise its Falkner. My dad runs over to him, picking him up in a bundle of 'love'. I think he makes up some wild excuse of why he had hold of me but I don't know. Cause I run to the attic as fast as I can. Thank god he doesn't realise. Or at least I hope.

Pain shoots through my stomach as I heave my self through the attic door above me. This is my sanctuary, my time out. Gosh, I could die happy up here; in a way. The slab that covers the entrance is a solid piece of wood. My parents thought it was glued down and it was closed for a purpose. Yeah a purpose of keeping all the left behind luxuries safe. All it took was a little work with a knife and it opened. To this day it still sticks a bit. But hey I would prefer to get stuck up here rather than down their with them. Anyway back to reality, I pick up the flashlight I keep under some rubble when ever I come out here. Right in the centre is massive hole in the ceiling where its fallen through. Im surprised it didn't go through the floor with the amount of rubble that's there. But before I climb that mountain of rubble, to the outside, I pick up a book I found in one of the leather chests that line the room. The Hunger Games. Its not a bad book actually.

The minute I step out onto the roof I 'am greeted by the beautiful moon and stars that keep me company when they can. "Shoo. Shoo!" I whisperer, shaking my hand at the pigeon that's pecking at my seat. "That's right you little shit, that's my seat. Now scoot before I eat you." Geez Im hungry. Thank god I didn't poop. I bring my knees to my chest once I've lowered myself down and stare down at the world I've seen not enough of. Its kinda beautiful even though the cries of clickers and other zombie things echo through the city. I wonder what city this actually is. I mean my parents sure as hell wont tell me. Oh well. I wish I could go; get away from this place. I would go if I had the supplies with me. Infact that's what I'll do. I'll go. I can wait till tomorrow besides I need to say goodbye to Falkner and Rihanna.

 Where was I in this book? Oh here!

Getting the broth into Peeta takes an hour of coaxing, begging, threatening, and yes, kissing, but finally, sip by sip, he empties the pot. I let him drift off to sleep then and attend to my own needs, wolfing down a supper of groosling and roots while I watch the daily report in the sky. No new casualties. Still, Peeta and I have given the audience a fairly interesting day. Hopefully, the Gamemakers will allow us a peaceful night.     I automatically look around for a good tree -  "Hey there."


I twist around, flinching at the growing pain, to the voice. Tiffany crawls over to me; slipping a hand on my back in comfort. "How did you know where I was?" I mutter. Great someone's found my place. "I've seen you come up here a few times. Was he... was he nasty again?" How does she- never mind. She brushes a strand of hair behind her ear while she waits for my reply. I've never thought much of her but she's always been careful around me. I guess its because I never thought I'd be able to trust her. Turns out I can. "No. I don't know what your talking about." I can feel the tremble in my voice, I wish I didn't have to lie. The wind whispers beautiful things as it barges past us into the world beyond. Maybe if I became light enough I could join it. Go to a place called America and- "Don't lie to me. I know about your dad, he done it to your brother and sister  for a little while when you were born." Her blue eyes catch mine, drawing the truth into my mouth. "Why ask when you already know?" A deciding sound escapes her mouth much like a hmmm. "I wanted to see how scared you were." Something about that makes me chuckle. "Oh, and you cant tell by my answer?" I stare out to the horizon not expecting an answer. However her hand falls onto mine and she gives it a light squeeze. "You can always tell. Its part of a mothers gift, even though Im not your mum. I 'am here for you, you know." Her voice is soft like silk. Her hand still hasn't left mine when my hand begins to sweat like crazy. "I just want out -" I begin. "I can get you out! Just ask. When do you want go. Cause I'll come with you!" Tiff's voice is urgent and desperate. And to think I was gonna do this alone. "I want to go tomorrow AND... you have Falkner and Rihanna to raise. They need a mum." I want her to come with me but that'd just be plain selfish. Right? My teeth find the dent in my lip that I always bite when Im tempted to say something I shouldn't. "They don't need a mum like me. And before you go protesting I 'am leaving with you. Do you understand?" With no control my head nods and I find my self pressed against her in a hug. "Thank you. Thank you so much." I cant recall how long we've been like this all I know is my life has just been made that little bit better. "I'll get us supplies I'll meet you in the lounge at 9pm. " Tiff was the last person I thought would be on my side. From what my mum said she was evil. I just hope that wont become true.

"Now tell me about this book your reading." Her skinny finger points to the white letters on the front, giving it a light tap with her talon like nails. She's just landed herself into a long lecture about how great the book is. For once its nice to talk about something a bit different.

I think this is the start of something new. I think my luck is finally earning my forgiveness after all these years of bad luck. I think Im gonna be alright.


A/N: I really hope you liked this chapter. Because half term is over I might not be able to write as much so I'll write when I can. Adios Firefly7713 (Elle) :)       

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